Thursday, March 4, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 3.4.21

Used Book Stores

I went in my favorite used book store, The Book Rack, here in Charlotte this week. They had received a book I had placed a "hold" on. Of course, I left with more than just the one I went to retrieve. Here's the stack I came away with. As you can see, I have very eclectic tastes when it comes to genres. I'm pretty stoked to jump into Wifey by Judy Bloom. Somehow, I missed this title when all my peers were reading it in the 80s and 90s. If you've been here in the blog for awhile, you might remember that I only recently read Forever, as well. I might very well be late for the party --but I'm here now and enjoying the piƱa coladas. Also in my new stack The Duke and I, (on which the hit show, Bridgerton, is based), Ann Patchett's Commonwealth (I've only read two other Patchett book and I LOVED them both: Bel Canto and The Dutch House), Britt-Marie Was Here (I'm on a new roll of Backman books right now and am about to finish Beartown), two new-to-me Rainbow Rowell novels: Fangirl and Landline (if you've not read any Rainbow, you are missing out), and finally: A Dog's Purpose. I'm into dogs now.

stack of books

Meatloaf and 'Taters

We've had this exact meal twice in two weeks. It's that good. The meatloaf recipe is not new. It's an Ina Garten classic that has outstanding reviews --for good reason: Individual Meat Loaves. Don't change a thing! The potato dish is greatly updated from the traditional mashed that used to accompany every meatloaf dinner. These Braised Sweet Potatoes with Orange and Olives are from Milk Street Magazine (March/April 2021 issue). Milk Street does not share recipes online but I am happy to share this one with you if you reach out. The best way is through Facebook messenger via my SourJones Blog page. These braised sweet potatoes are incredible. Combined with red onion, orange juice, and crushed coriander, then finished with bright and briny green olives --my goodness, you'll want to eat these potatoes again and again! The two recipes serve about 6 generously.

dinner: meatloaf and sweet potatoes

Tulip & Daffodil Season

Spring, spring, sweet spring! The daffodils are pushing up through the ivy and Trader Joe's is well-stocked with fresh tulip stems. Happiness. Treat yo'self!

tulips atop a dining table

Thrift Culture

I mentioned Mimi Miller and her new online shop, Thrift Culture, last week. Wouldn't ya' know, I found another treasure! These fun napkin rings are perfect for spring and I love the way they work with the chargers and placemats I bought before. If you haven't yet, do follow her on Instagram and visit her website to see all the good she's doing for nonprofits in tandem with her new venture.

woven feather napkin ring with colorful napkin on a wicker charger

Treasure Hunting

Speaking of thrifted goods, I am so pumped about the mirror I found this week at Classic Attic, a consignment store near me. It's huge and heavy. Hanging it might prove challenging, but I am so excited to get this sucker on the wall!

cane and bamboo edge of a round mirror

wood, cane, and bamboo-framed circular mirror


Always. Cheese. I love making charcuterie boards almost as much as I love eating them! Best tips: 1. Shop at Trader Joe's (they have everything you really need); 2. CROWD the board (I can't emphasize this enough); 3. Offer lots of color by adding dried/fresh fruit, colorful crackers, olives/nuts, and cured meats; 4. Try to include varying textures in your cheeses (soft, spreadable, sliced); 5. Throw in some different surprises like honey, jam, marinated/pickled antipastos (olives, artichokes, peperoncini, mushrooms); 6. Use whole fruits to help fill the platter (fig, small apples, mandarins, strawberries), and something sweet (truffles, dark chocolate, small candies); 7. Add height variations by standing breadsticks or tall crackers in a small jar or glass and/or sticking a cheese knife into a soft wedge.

charcuterie tray of cheeses, crackers, meats, and fruit

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