Thursday, May 13, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 5.13.21

Mother's Day Love

I was completely spoiled on Mother's Day and I sincerely hope you were too (if it's a "holiday" you celebrate). Mother's Day can be a little tricky for me. Aside from a brief text exchange several years ago, the last time I spoke to --or even laid eyes on my mom, was almost 11 years ago (and before that it was a rollercoaster at times --but not all the time). It's a long story. I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by exceptional mother figures. Toward the end of 2020, we lost my wonderful, amazing, "super grandma," badass, stepmom, Debbie, to an aggressive cancer that came out of nowhere with a fury and vengeance that took our breath away. So this year felt even more fragile. However, there's absolutely nothing I love more than being Geneva and Piper's mom and I am grateful (for myself and the girls) that my mother-in-law is vivacious, active, hilarious, and always ready for a dance party. Plus, she just moved from California to Charlotte in March! We spent most of the day with her and it was lovely. The girls chose a beautiful new cookbook (always a favorite of mine), built me a terrarium, and my all-time favorite: made me homemade cards. Greg surprised me with a new purse that I blogged about a couple weeks ago and a pair of new Printfresh pajamas (this "Lemon Drop" short sleeve set). The day was tied up with a bow when we indulged in my favorite meal (filet, grilled veggies, green salad with all of the cheese, and a giant cabernet) and watched the movie of my choice: My Octopus Teacher (so good --we all loved it). All in all, an absolutely wonderful day!

Booty Vase (+ Progress)

I love to feel like my people "get"me. :) My girlfriend, Tracie, texted me this week, "This vase is so YOU [screenshot]." Me: *gets in car and drives directly to the consignment market.* Because, seriously. Look at this booty! Also captured here is a little sneek-peek at some more progress in the living room! I mentioned a couple months ago that I bought some very cool shelves from Anthropologie. ONE of them has been backordered and should arrive at the end of this month --and "lort" knows it better at this point --because I just ran out of patience and hung the other four (with a gap in-between for the final piece). Can you imagine if Anthro sends me some little email after all these months that says, "sorry, we don't have your item"? Ugh. 

Surprise Surprises

Looky at what just arrived out of the blue! These Houseplant Jungle playing cards by Galison are a gorgeous little "hello, these made me think of you" present from my friend, Gretchen. Each card has a different plant illustration on the face and they are so beautiful that I shouldn't allow myself to actually play poker with them because I'd be too distracted by the details of the designs that I'd be certain to make a bad bet.

Bernedoodle Baby

The perspective on this shot is certainly adding to Ben's SIZE, but he really is quickly approaching 50 pounds and is just over 16 weeks. He's cuddly, clumsy, enthusiastic about having any part of your body in his mouth, and thinks hotdogs are the bomb. He's heading off to "boarding school" to learn some manners in about 3.5 weeks. We will miss him so much during the four weeks he'll be away from home. (And I can't imagine how BIG he'll be when he gets home!)

Unpretentious Palate's Latest Old Fashioned Kit

We got one of these amazing kits last winter and I'm thrilled they've put together another. Cheers to those who live in and around Charlotte because you can pre-order one of these sampler kits just in time for Father's Day (pickup on June 12th). Inside, you'll find that eight of the city's best bartenders have created unique recipes that make up their personal take on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. Everything you need to make these eight recipes (2 servings each) --minus the bourbon, because NC liquor law doesn't allow it to be included, is inside the box. Dad's going to love you for it! 


WooHoo! Just in time for travel and camp... 

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