Thursday, May 20, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 5.20.21

Cheers to Porch Time

We are through the bright yellow pollen season in Charlotte. Huzzah! That means more slow evenings on the porch watching the neighborhood walk past, visiting with friends, and enjoying cool sips.

Old Fashioneds

Speaking of cool sips --this one is the definition. Our first choice to try from the latest Unpretentious Palate Old Fashioned sampler kit was Ashely Thompson's (The Cocktailery) "Peaches is My Name." The peach, cinnamon, and pecan bitters syrup made for an incredibly flavorful and layered cocktail and the dehydrated peach slice that was subsequently infused with rich bourbon was amazing!

Outdoor Music

It was a pleasure to listen to these two, with all of their high school classmates, play their instruments so beautifully last night on the quad lawn. The cherry on top of our breezy and relaxing evening was that (to our surprise and delight), our flutist was presented with a Musicianship Award from her band director. :)

Caladium Lindenii Magnificum

Guess what? I should avoid acquiring new plants before heading out of town. I know this. And yet...
My girlfriend, Laura, via text: "Get to Lowes ASAP [pic]"

Propagation vessels are Hilton Carter for Target

Spring in the Yard

'Tis the season for magnolias and hydrangeas --two of my faves blowing up at once. Swoon. We are getting ready to do a little yard re-fresh... What's your favorite outdoor blooming plant that I should consider adding to the plan?


Here's my dad. He's been adjusting since my mom passed this last summer. Helping to adjust, have been his two big dogs (Bonnie and Baxter) and THIS little morsel, his great-grand-daughter, Sage. This pic was taken yesterday when GGPa, Sage, and Baxter went for a walk. And then I had a heart full of happiness.

The Lap Dog

Ben thinks that if I just let him try, he could definitely fit in the chair with me. As you can well imagine, it's very hard to not let him try.

Jumpsuit, Sunnies, Necklace, Earrings, "Ben's Baby"

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  1. Sneak Ben in your handbag when you visit!

    1. Ha! I wish. I’d need an awfully big handbag! Can’t wait to squeeze you!

  2. Tea Olive 💚 I’ve planted them all over my yard and flanking my front door so that their scent is buried deep in my kiddos olfactory memory - so that no matter where they are in the world if they smell that scent or even something similarly citrus-y - they will think of home!