Thursday, October 28, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 10.28.21

My berneMOOdle

Howl-O-Ween is right around the corner and sadly, my kiddos are past costumes and dressing up this year. Thankfully, I have Ben to entertain myself with. I saw a shark version of this crocheted "hood" while scrolling through Instagram and toggled right over to Google to start my search. It didn't take long to find several choices and landed on ZooSnoods on Etsy. After much deliberation (Dinosaur!, Shark!, Rhino! and Yoda!), I decided on this COW design because it went so well with his handsome coat already! Doesn't he look ready for tricks and treats?

Surprise Visit

We got to do the most fun thing last weekend: surprise Piper with a visit from her sleep-away camp bestie! The two met during the summer between 2nd and 3rd grades --now they are both in high school. Merritt and her sisters travel to camp from Colorado every summer and we've always talked about making plans for a visit between summers. Finally that day came. Greg and I picked Merritt up on Friday evening while Piper was at a football game. Once I got her inside, I texted for Piper to come check in with me quickly. I wish I had my camera ready to capture the look on her face when she saw her camp bestie! The two were off and over the next few days, we delighted in their shared company when they weren't busy thrifting, eating, exploring, shopping, baking, and soaking up one another's company. Such fun!

Spoonflower Cocktail Napkins

I finally decided to be grownup enough for cotton-fabric, everyday napkins that can be pulled out as coasters, used for small casual gatherings, or family meals. What I love most about these are the size. I have plenty of cloth dinner-sized napkins and they never feel quite "right" (unless the occasion is more formal). With these new 10x10 cuties, grabbing them feels festive and simple. The best part is knowing how much softer they will become over time from multiple washings. I chose two sets of four napkins to make a mixed set --the choices are endless! (These were so tempting. As was this collection --you can't go wrong with mudcloth. And the cranes and swans in this collection too!) Spoonflower is a sustainable manufacturing company in Durham, North Carolina. Every order is custom cut and stitched and made from the design of an independent artist from around the world. Pretty cool. They do fabrics, wallpapers, bedding, decor and more! Follow them on Instagram here.

Marc Jacobs Lip

I just noticed that one of my absolute favorite lip "glosses" is on sale. I love the creamy texture and shimmer of this lip gloss stick by Marc Jacobs. It feels like a lip balm but has a lovely tint and shine that elevates it beyond your average chap stick. Supplies are limited across the board... for a neutral shade, try "One Mauve Time" direct from the website at half price. A fresh pink hue "Wet Your Lips - Apricot" is available at Sephora as is a clear version called, "Enamored (With Pride)"

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Embrace Justice Mural

Our neighborhood got a legitimate "glow up" last week when Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant graced Queens University's Gambrell Center for the Arts & Civic Engagement building with his gorgeous "Embrace Justice" mural. I must admit, the first step of this huge project was painting the red-bricked building a BRIGHT turquoise blue. I was a little confused about what the university was thinking... Very quickly though, it began to take shape and WOW. Come have a look and pop over for a sip on the porch!

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