Thursday, October 7, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 10.7.21

Old Friends Making New Memories

It's always the best when you get to spend time with the peeps who've known you since "way back when..." Staci and Greg go back to elementary school and attended the same schools through college. Rusty and Greg go back to junior high (remember who we used to call it that?) and also went to college together. Fun fact: Rusty and Staci have been together for 30 years. I actually met Rusty in a college class a couple years before I met Greg. I have a thousand stories about our friendship and if you searched the archives on this blog, you'd have a chance to read about a lot of them! We were lucky enough to have them out last weekend for the member-guest golf tournament. The weather was perfect, the food was indulgent, the drinks were delicious, and the shopping was successful. I don't think the golfing was nearly as positive, overall --but I heard it was a great time anyway and the betting outcomes made up for some of the (Greg's) shortcomings on the course.

Please be as delighted by our photo-bomber as we were!
I edited this live pic to capture the best moment of his little hop into the frame. :)

Pistola Pants

While shopping, I found a new pair of pants that I (mostly) love so much! These Archer Crossover Joggers from Pistola are a terrific fit. I love the belted waist, the flattering pleating, the length, and gathered ankle. They are so stinking cute... when you're standing (or dancing like Janet Jackson in her Rhythm Nation video). However, because of the "crossover" button-fly, they pucker out in a weird way when you sit down --like, I can slide my left hand into the opening and pull my tucked shirt down (kinda handy --but not completely awesome). So I guess I would say that they are perfect for standing occasions, sitting with your legs under a table, or dancing like "Miss Jackson, if you're nasty" --but I would not recommend them for barstools or lounge chairs --unless your photographer is far away and he captures you at the right angle (above).

Healthy Ben

Ben has finally gotten the all-clear from his vet to be off leash in the yard to enjoy running, jumping, playing, digging, destroying the monkey grass, and generally spazzing out (though, I wish he'd just skip the last three). His friend, Sarah (of the amazing panzanella salad), gave him a new toy that makes a fun noise --so wow... he's in heaven.

Children's Theatre of Charlotte

I've been volunteering at the Children's Theatre of Charlotte for about 8 years. Again, if you searched the archives around here you'd get an eyeful. The Theatre productions would seriously blow your socks off. We've seen tons of shows, ushered performances, attended fundraising galas, and visited the wonderful (attached) library on many occasions. This week, as a volunteer perk, I had the distinct pleasure of a "behind the curtain" look at the process that brings a show from concept to stage. To say it was impressive would be a huge understatement. If ever you have an opportunity to experience this level of children's theatre with a child --I would encourage you to do so. To see them experience the wonder of this art form live, will surely have you falling in love (again) with live theatre. If you're in our near Charlotte and would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities, click here (or get in touch with me).

On the set of My Wonderful Birthday Suit

The Arts in Charlotte

Speaking of fantastic arts in Charlotte, I was able to attend a great luncheon with my mother-in-law this week to hear from a panel representing several of the prominent art and cultural organizations in town. We heard about surviving the early stages of the pandemic and how these teams made creative and interesting pivots to sustain audiences and talent through the past 18 months. Moving forward, many of the organizations are keeping some of these new program features that allow virtual and modified experiences. The decision to continue offering some streaming, outdoor, and socially-distanced ways to engage with their offerings was easy to make --as many patrons have expressed their appreciation for alternative ways to enjoy the content --not to mention the organizations' ability to reach wider audiences through some of these formats and more accessible/interesting venues. 

"Hands on hips, Ladies!"

Coming soon from The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, I'm particularly interested in viewing the Annemarie Schwarzenback: Departure Without Destination exhibit (running April 2 - June 19, 2022). The brief summary of this work that was shared at the luncheon was fascinating. Visit the link to read just a snippet about Annemarie Schwarzenback --a real trail-blazer!

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We just missed Charlotte Ballet's 50th Anniversary Celebration (which closed last weekend); however, Nutcracker opens on December 3rd and tickets are on sale now. In fact, one of Piper's best friends is dancing the role of Clara this year and we couldn't be more excited to watch her shine! 

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We also heard about a ton of offerings from JazzArts Charlotte, a nonprofit organization that celebrates community enrichment through education, live performances, and musician support. In addition to youth education in the form of JazzArts Academy, summer music camps, and in-school programing, they also offer adult workshops online in partnership with UNC Charlotte. Join them in The Jazz Room --a monthly jazz concert series in uptown (with a full bar) or catch a session of The Set from home. This online, live performance happens every 4th Thursday. 

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Blumenthal Performing Arts has an absolutely incredible season lineup with something for everyone! On the theater end of things, Wicked just closed; however I'm looking forward to (the 25th Anniversary Farewell Tour of) RENT!, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Mean Girls. They're also bring Stacey Abrams and Neil deGrasse Tyson to the stage... plus a ton of music and comedy too! And if you're like me and haven't made it out to Camp North End for the immersive Van Gogh exhibit, you still have time! Additionally, I've just learned of some very cool (free and outdoor) things happening in and around our city RIGHT NOW: Intrude: Bunnies at the Park is back and will remain installed at First Ward Field through October 12th. I'm told you should see it (at least) twice; once during the day and once at night. Of Earth and Sky is a large-scale installation of poetry, ideas, and statements (from Charlotte locals) curated and installed across multiple locations through uptown forming a temporary sculpture trail through center city. This exhibit runs through October 31st. WOW... I can't wait to do it ALL! Join me?

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