Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sundae Super Sunday

So I decided last-minute (while I lay in bed--not sleeping) to put a little something together for Geneva's third birthday. Her actual birthday falls on Friday. Grandma Lulu is flying in for a visit. Grandma, auntie Jessica (Greg's sister) and cousin Stephanie (Greg's cousin) will be joining us for family dinner, cupcakes and presents to celebrate; however, I couldn't figure out what to do for Geneva that involved her "friends" (aka: the kids in the neighborhood we've met and are getting to know). I knew if we (meaning me) were going to do anything, I wanted it to be easy, fun, and relatively low-maintenance, so I came up with an idea and I'm calling it "Sundae Super Sunday." From 6-7:30 Sunday evening we'll put out a few balloons and plenty of ice-cream and toppings; everyone can build their own sundae (plus wine and beer for the grow-ups) and visit. At some point we'll all sing "Happy Birthday"--but presents are not allowed (trust me, she is getting enough from the family). I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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