Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Geneva FINALLY got to take her first gymnastic lesson on Monday morning. I stress the finally because I made the mistake of showing her the leotard last Wednesday and mentioning her upcoming gymnastics class. Every day between, we battled about her wearing her leotard 24/7 and she melted down every morning when she was told it was not "gym-mastics" day.

I was really impressed with the equipment at her disposal during her lesson. While she didn't actually execute many movements that would "traditionally" be done on these apparatus, she did get to "experience" several balance beams, a high-bar, the parallel bars, rings, trampoline, foam pit, and a few spring boards. 

Here she is getting some assistance with her very first "kip" (from a hanging position, you pull your legs up, over the bar, swinging into an upright position where you are resting your hips at the bar). I wish I had a shot of her last attempt--she did it 90% by herself!

Taking turns with the other girls.

There was a nice play area behind the observation deck for smaller siblings to entertain themselves. Avery had a great time making new friends and demonstrating her assertiveness (read: she's really bossy sometimes).

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