Monday, July 14, 2008

Geneva's Birthday Kickoff

Our fun-filled birthday weekend kicked off with a visit from the Cainey family! Katelyn is Geneva's age and she has an adorable baby brother, Cole (who was over-loved by Avery the entire weekend). We made "confetti" cupcakes with pink frosting and tons of sprinkles. My sprinkle helpers took their job very seriously... and what a fabulous job they did.

Grandma Lulu flew into town for the festivities. We had a barbeque planned on Friday. Ribs, coleslaw (yummy, yummy with apples and pecans), baked beans, and watermelon--of course! Auntie Jessica and Cousin Stephanie helped us celebrate along with Mike, Jessica, Patrick, and Nicole. The weather was gorgeous and we played outside all evening.

The little girls got to enjoy their creation after dinner. Three monkeys in the teeter-totter! Frosting EVERYWHERE!

NeeNee just discovered Toy Story. She is a big fan and loves "movie night" with the family.  Mommy and Daddy bought her a Buzz Lightyear and Gma Lulu gave her a Woody doll. Do you think she was excited?

Another favorite gift was this mermaid costume 
(the best $3 spent in November 2007).
Geneva finished the night more than a little over-stimulated. Bedtime is typically 8pm. At 9:40 she was still trying to convince me that she wasn't tired and didn't need to go to sleep yet... 

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