Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oregon Zoo!

This morning we hit the Oregon Zoo in downtown Portland. It's one of our favorite places and we really looked forward to sharing it with the Bills Family. The weather turned out great for us and we enjoyed a lot of action from the animals because we got there so early (yawn).

Of course, some of the critters were still snoozing (see the polar bear behind the glass). 

I do recognize that this is an awful picture of Geneva; however, it really captures the crazed response every time I offer "Zoo Popcorn." My mom bought the girls cute cups from the gift shop on one of our first visits to the zoo. I bring them back each time we visit and they enjoy filling them (over and over) with popcorn while we tour the zoo. We made sure to buy Natalie her own little cup as soon as we arrived. Popcorn cheers!

Ride 'Em Cowgirls!

Piper is so chill at the zoo. Give that kid some popcorn and stroll her chubby tooshie around to check out a few animals... and she is good to go. 

We followed the trip to the zoo with a quick lunch and stroll on NorthWest 23rd. We really squeezed a lot into the day before nap time and all the girls held up beautifully--the Daddy's did too as a matter of fact. Staci and I picked a pot of face mask from Lush so we can have some home facials this week in SunRiver while the kiddo's are napping and the hubby's are golfing. To kick start our facial rejuvenation project we headed to the spa for a professional facial while the rest of the brood was napping--I'll tell you what, we are good at getting some fun stuff done when the rest of these monkeys are snoozing!

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