Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visiting Great-Grandma and Grandpa Gowin

We took the girls to Santa Clara this weekend to visit my grandparents. I wish the circumstances for our visit were happier. My grandmother is not doing well--cancer. Grandpa just had a bout with pneumonia and is unwilling to give up the oxygen tank, though some suspect he doesn't really need it--other than for peace of mind. The trip was very nice. My brother, Toby flew out from Florida and my other brother, Bobby took the train down from Sacramento. In a lot of ways, it was great to be together again in the house where we were raised.

Avery and GGMa seem to have a special connection. Grandma sleeps most of the time on this couch in the front room. At least once an hour, Avery would find some reason to visit GGMa, whether it was to give a kiss, play a "song" on her recorder, show her a cracker, etc. A lot of the time Avery would just sit and play on the carpet right in front of GGMa while she slept. It was as sweet and heartbreaking as you could imagine.

We were able to get together at Central Park with my friend Kerri and her two girls. This is Chloe who is about 3 weeks older than Geneva. Dani is 4 months younger than (and just as tall as) Avery. Chloe and Geneva usually get to play together when we come to town for a visit and it is very sweet to see them together. They ran to one another and exchanged hugs when we got to the playground! The two of them play so well together Kerri and I even get a chance to catch up with one another too. 

Geneva had an allergic reaction to something on Saturday. Good thing I never travel without Benadryl (especially when there is a airplane trip involved!). She is so much her father's daughter with her sensitive skin (and tummy and feelings--wink). She looks awesome--don'tcha think? This picture doesn't even do it justice.

Our flight home was delayed but we made it safely and Crazy Piper managed to have somewhat manageable meltdowns on the plane. It's really a good thing that she's cute or there may have been some conspiring between other passengers as to what to do to with her to quell the high-pitched protests she was "sharing" with everyone. How is it that the kid always manages to take a dump on a flight that is less than two hours? It is my understanding that some of the newer planes are actually equipped with changing tables these days... not any that I've been on lately! (Did I mention the bangs? Seriously.)

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  1. Sounds like it was a nice trip. Sorry to hear about GGMa - however you guys are pretty lucky to have them still around. Glad you got to see them!