Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two Firsts

So the good news first: Here are Geneva's first pair of "legitimate" pigtails. She was as excited as I was about them. Although the curls were a bit chaotic, I think the result was pretty cute. With a bit more practice for both of us, I'm hoping things might improve from here.  ;)

Does this picture display a bit more of her natural mischevious
ness? It should. Here's the other first we had today: She lied. Up until now, we have enjoyed her thorough honestness. For example,
Daddy: "Geneva, why is Sissy crying?"
Geneva: "Because I pushed her down."
However; lately, she has ben obsessed with the bathroom sinks. She loves having tea parties and prefers to have some water in her teapots when she's pouring. It's the same with pretend cooking, giving her baby dolls baths, or simply washing her "dirty" hands. Anyhoo, we've been trying to keep the water play at a minimum (soggy carpet and wet hardwood floors is getting a bit troublesome). Tonight she and I were playing in the playroom. She came across her plastic Diego sea turtle.
Geneva: "Mom, I need to put him in the bathroom so he can have his bath with me."
Me: "Okay honey but I don't want you to turn on the water. Do not turn on the water."
Geneva: "Okay."
She came back a minute later: "Mom, don't go in the bathroom okay?"
Me: "Why? Geneva, did you turn the water on?"
Geneva: "No Mom."
We played and read books for another 20 minutes before bedtime. Entering the bathroom for potty and teeth-brushing, I immediately noticed the turtle in the sink with the water dribbling over him. 
Me: "Geneva, I specifically asked you not to turn the water on. When I asked you, you told me that you did NOT turn the water on. Th
at wasn't true. When you say something that is not true, it is called 'lying.' It's not okay to tell lies Geneva."
Geneva: "Okay."
Me: "I'm a little shocked right now that you would tell me something that was not true when you have always been so good about being honest with me. Why did you turn the water on and lie about it?"
Geneva: "Well Mom, there was a witch in here and she turned me into a waterfall. I had to turn on the sink so I could splash her hat and she would stop. Also, the turtle needed his bath."
Now I ask you, when your 3-year-old lies about lying with an amazing Witch Story... what do you do with that?

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  1. I think you should beat her the next time she lies. That's what Joanna does with me...