Sunday, December 21, 2008

It All Began Innocently Enough...

... A few months ago a friend of mine mentioned having read a book she thought was original and interesting. She said I ought to pick up a copy--if I didn't mind reading something that was intended for "young adults." Well, I loved the Harry Potter series so I had no issue with that. However, it's not easy to find the time to read anything these days so I kind of forgot about her recommendation. 

Then I decided to take a short, solo trip to California. The day before I left I was doing a little Christmas shopping at Target and the book caught my eye. It was part of a big display because the movie version had recently been released. Anyhow, I thought to buy it so I would have something to read on the plane... 

If you don't recognize the cover (crawl out from under the rock where you live) it's called Twilight
That was the beginning.

I was captivated by the story. I fully bought-into the characters, the relationships, the plot... I loved it. I read the book the whole way there, on the shuttle to pick up my rental car, in the line waiting for my rental car... I basically read it every spare minute I had on my trip. I was visiting my Grandma and she takes frequent naps... I read while she slept. I read after we went to bed and stayed up WAY too late.

I bought the second book, New Moon at the Sacramento airport on my home because I knew I would be flying into a storm and once I got home, I didn't know when I would be able to leave the house again to get my hands on it.

I finished Twilight on Wednesday evening. I started New Moon on Wednesday night (my hubby was out of town so I was able to stay up super late and devour page after page). I finished New Moon by Thursday night.

In the meantime, I ignored everything else that needed my attention except my children. I did not do any shopping (and I would have been able to get to the stores), I did not wrap any presents, I did not make any of the crafty presents I needed to get finished and in the mail, I did not do any of my baking--I didn't even facebook or blog! With every moment my kids were entertained and content, I read--until I ran out of pages. 

Friday arrived. There was a nice break in the weather. I left the kiddos with Grandma Lulu and went out to finish my shopping. I got it all done and managed to pick up Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I made a promise to myself that I would not start my new books until I had accomplished some of my "chores." I finished making the presents and packaging them for shipment that HAD to get in the mail by yesterday. I did a bit of baking. I had finished my shopping on Friday and I wrapped about half of my presents and got them under the tree. 

Then I started book 3...

What about you? Have you been caught under the spell? I MUST recommend that you get your "teeth" into these books as soon as possible. However, I caution you to take it on when you have the time to really invest.

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  1. HAH!!! Now you can go see the movie and go to to read the leaked part of the book she was going to write but stopped when it was leaked. It's Twilight from Edward's perspective.
    Mike liked the movie enough to begin reading the books. He did a book a day one weekend, and is saving the others till Christmas.
    Edward or Jacob?

  2. Welcome to the crazy world of Twilight!! I too, put off so much stuff that needed to be done. Which is probably why I was up until 1:00AM wrapping presents last night. I was actually a little depressed when I finished the last book. So I waited a while before reading the story Clisty referred to online. Just finished that this week. I still want more. I don't think I've read so many pages so fast in my life. I only "own" the last two books, and I told my husband that I think I need the first two, just in case I want to read them again.

  3. andy actually bought me this book for christmas but i haven't started it yet... i will TONIGHT! ;)