Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Hold Your Breath

I will not be sending out Family-Photo-Holiday cards this year. The pressure is too great. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to capture the four of us--and even just the two of them in a semi-decent picture. Unfortunately, none of us are very photogenic when we are asked to "pose."
Oh, I also lost my address book in the move so I may be unable to send ANY cards (photos or not)!
While I have given up on the family portrait, I haven't lost my sense of humor about the sad product my efforts have turn out. Let's have a quick giggle in looking at some of my favorite failures.

Here is one attempt. Notice I'm the only one with my eyes open.

Most of the pictures turn out like this... Greg and I looking away from the camera in our efforts to convince the children to look at the camera.

And here is my absolute favorite. I'm almost tempted to send out the cards with this awesome shot... but I feel like they would kill me in a few years--if karma doesn't get me first!

Merry Holidays.
Remember, the absence of our card on your mantle this year is no indication of what you mean to us; please don't think we've overlooked you this year...
You matter to us more than ever!

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