Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tree Hunt

We spent 30 minutes getting ready to leave the house on our Christmas Tree Hunting Adventure Saturday morning; then drove 3 minutes down the street to one of the many tree farms near our house.

(Geneva and Daddy getting ready to start looking.)

If you look closely, you'll see someone dressed herself.
Grandma Lulu came to help us search--there were so many beautiful trees!
(And so many stumps to trip over too.)
We finally found this gorgeous one... 
... took a quick family picture...
... and made our selection "final."
The tree looks a lot bigger in the house (duh) and we were lucky it fit perfectly.
Next, we set about decorating the house a bit.

We introduced the little ladies to hot chocolate.
Which they enjoyed...

... immensely.

When they were finished, they helped trim the tree.
(Little Vanna Whites)

As Avery would say, "Ta da!"

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