Monday, May 11, 2009

Mudda's Day (As Piper Would Say)

Yea! Sunshine on Mother's Day.
Let's see:
Sleeping in, a few chapters of my latest book in bed, vanilla latte, white lilies, precious cards, fabulous brunch, trip to the nursery, great naps, ceremonial planting, and socializing with the friends...
I could not have had a better day!
We took a post-brunch walk around the grounds at the club to take a few photos and check out the flowers.
Watching people hit balls at the range was not nearly as fun as finding bugs.
Geneva "earned" a sweet treat after her breakfast. She choose cheesecake.
The other little girl at our table did not earn a sweet treat. I'll go ahead and feel victorious that there wasn't any food on the floor when we were finished.
We picked up some lettuces and beans at the nursery as well as a white Calla Lily.
I wanted to plant something this year that will keep coming back. I think we'll try to plant something together every Mother's Day.
I'll be sure to post some pictures if we get any blooms this year.
I hope you had a nice day too!

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