Friday, May 1, 2009

Things I Love on May Day

  • Listening to the Black Eyed Peas' new song Boom Boom Pow with my girls. We get our boogie ON when we hear it! 
  • Leisurely reading:
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries. This amazing burger joint started on the east coast and has been expanding it's franchise west since 2003. Our tiny West Linn is lucky enough to have one of the only two locations in Oregon. Sorry California friends--you don't have any yet (and if you think In-N-Out might compare, think again!).  The troubling thing is that indulging on the food doesn't really help me achieve my summer waistline goals!!!
  • Getting a fresh start on my flower baskets. I recycled the baskets that I bought last year and saved a whopping $25 by purchasing and planting the flowers myself this time. Oh well, at least the girls and I had a fun time in the sun.
  • Trees that have pink blossoms.
  • The movie, I Love You, Man. Greg and I saw this about a month ago and I still find myself cracking up when I think of certain scenes. I highly recommend you go see this movie!
  • Outgrowing the highchair: 
  • Geneva's curiosity. Here's a conversation from the other day:
G: How do mommies have babies and not get a hole in them? 
M: Well (this is how I stall)... When mommies are growing babies in their tummies their bodies go through lots of incredible changes. Babies come out of a special opening with the help of the doctor.
G: Oh (silent contemplation)... How do mommies not get food all over the baby when they eat?
M: Well, food goes in the stomach and babies grow in a womb. Both are in the tummy but they are different. The food never drops on the baby when it's growing in there.
G: Oh, well that's good.
  • Geneva's excitement at helping in the kitchen. Here she is making guacamole--one of her very favorite foods. I wont pretend that I'm always happy she wants to be right under my feet when I'm trying to cook. Often, I fight feeling frustrated. But many times, I get it "right" and we have a good time. My grandma used to say that having one of her kids (or grandkids) "help" her doing anything would invariably "cut her time to double." She was so right!
  • A book I recently read called, Broken for You written by Stephanie Kallos. And don't you know, I found the recommendation on my new favorite reading website: 
  • Celebrating procreation. I am so thrilled that Amy (with twins), Leslie, and Jenn are all expecting their first babies right now. Here are Amy and I at the Hinton wedding:

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  1. you're SO three thousand and 8.
    That's some goood runnin music.

    Love 5 Guys. Love it. Kinda pricey to take the whole fam for just burgers and fries, but they seem to be thrilled whenever we suggest it.