Friday, April 12, 2013

First with the waxing and now this.

After nearly 30 years on the spectrum between "being aware" to "actually caring" what my hair looks like, I'm still trying to coax it into behaving the way I think it should. I don't think that's too unreasonable. Unfortunately, trying to transform my locks into the vision I have for them Takes. So. Freaking. Long. The critical part of the process is blow-drying. What really doesn't help is that I loathe blow-drying my hair. It's sticky-hot and time-consuming. However, I continue doing it because I have this dream that with the "right" combination of  cleverly-marketed products, the perfect round brush, and way more patience than I actually possess, I might someday achieve a mane like this one: 
And trickier still is that I not only want to achieve it that one magical time--I desire to be able to execute this long, healthy look repeatedly. AND within a reasonable amount of time because getting it wet and washing away all of that hard work is necessary and constant. {sigh} Now get this: I live in The South these days. With that comes humidity (a LOT of it). With humidity comes BIG problems with my tresses. BIG, as in: frizzy, fluffy, dry, unmanageable, everlasting-ponytail, BIG. Having spent a short amount of time in places where there is a lot of humidity (Florida, Cancun, Costa Rica) I can tell you with certainty that even after spending an obscene amount of time "fixing" my hair, it ends up looking like this:
Which brings me (finally) to the point: Is it worth the astronomical price to find a new salon in Charlotte (an overwhelming task in itself) in order to get a professional Brazilian Blowout? 
The Brazilian Blowout, while offering incredibly smooth locks, substantially shorter drying time, conditioning benefits to the hair shafts {giggling} follicles, retirement of the flat iron, and the greatly-increased possibility of achieving "The Mane," does not come without controversy. Aside from the price (between $150-$600, depending on the length and thickness of hair) BBs have been under scrutiny regarding the labeling of their products as "formaldehyde-free" when in fact, during the application process, traces of formaldehyde can be detected. It can be said that the scientific community is in agreement that stylists and salon owners who are exposed daily to these fumes increase their risk for health-realted problems including headaches, dizziness, rashes, etc. Whether this is any more deleterious to your health than say, teaching biology to 8th graders in the 80s, is unclear. Certainly, for the salon client who has this treatment performed 2-3 times/year, the health hazard is minimal. Which brings us full-circle: Do I invest in the Blow Job or not? Thoughts?

(Image 1 via Natasha.Elena // Image 2 via The Bedouin // Image 3 via BeautyInfoZone)

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  1. I have tried it several times....I was not that impressed. In fact it left my hair sorta too flat each time. I have a "how-to" do an at home blow out pinned in pinetrest that I use 2-3 times a week and it works pretty well even with humidity...HTH

  2. Your post completely sums up why I have shorter hair now. I could not spend all that time blow drying only to THEN flat iron and still feel "poofy". I am convinced this is why and how the infamous big southern hair came about. I say try it once & see. Let us know how it goes!

  3. Try KeraStraight treatment, or Brocato Smoothing treatments .... better for your hair.