Friday, April 19, 2013

My physiological response to all this beauty is disgusting.

It is so beautiful here. This photo is taken on Queens Road West, less than a block from where we live. I am amazed, daily at the magnificence of the oaks lining the streets in our neighborhood. It is picturesque, to say the least. As for us allergy sufferers, it is almost too bad we can't live in pictures.
With this beauty comes a price. As I sit at the computer typing this, it is literally raining pollen, dogwood petals, and oak flowers out my window. I'm told the pollen counts around here are among the highest in the country, making it one of the worst places for allergies. When "pollen season" arrives, you don't need to be "from here" to know what's happening. A thick, greenish-yellow sheen begins to coat everything. It is messy and annoying.
Every surface outdoors is coated and we all hope for a spring shower to wash some of the mess away. However, that's just the first phase (as far as I can tell). Because now in addition to everything being hazy-yellow, the entire world yard is covered with oak flowers. This is a shot of the driveway this afternoon. The gardener came yesterday evening and had these all blown away.
Now I'm getting to the fun part. Here's a picture of me from Wednesday. {insert hilarious pirate joke} With the help of pollen and my AWFUL allergies, what started as a small eye irritation a few weeks ago, turned into a grotesque chalazion earlier this week (that's something similar to a stye but far more disgusting). I won't even make a link here--but if you'd like to be visually disturbed, I encourage you to google image "chalazion." (Don't say I didn't warn you.) Chalazions have to be removed by an opthamologist. It's a "minor" in-office procedure but it does include a scalpel and it is highly unpleasant. Though, not as unpleasant as say... having a disgusting growth on your eyelid. 
The patch is gone now and all that remains is an awesome shiner which should last only a few days.  That is plenty of time for you to get in your tasteless jokes at my husband's expense. Poor Greg, I think he was more uncomfortable at the girls' school function last night than I was. Cheers to Spring in all her glory, Mateys! 

(Image 1 via Sun-Times)

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  1. Wow!! Hope you feel better soon. We get the same pollen on EVERYTHING here too. Rain is the only cure.