Thursday, April 25, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 4.25.13

  • Zoës Kitchen. We didn't have these on the West coast--and all y'all out there are missing out! It's quick, fresh, tasty Mediterranean food.  I'm currently addicted to their Chicken Kabobs ("no rice, sub hummus"). I crave this dish and try to get it in my belly at least once/week. I wish you could taste it! I hear their other menu items (tomato bisque, steak stack sandwich, and tabouli salad, in particular) are great too--but I'm too stuck on Chicken Kabobs to give anything else a chance.
  • Watching the girls play Little League. I had no idea what a time commitment I was volunteering for--but it has been so worth it! 
  • Singing and dancing in the car with the girls on the way to school. I am certain they will grow out of their appreciation of this silly time together very soon and I am milking it for all it's worth while I still can!
  • HBO's Game of Thrones this season (Season 3). In particular, the character Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke. Dude. She is badass. It's getting really good... !
  • Being the "Mystery Reader" in Geneva's class. It is such a simple and sweet idea. Her teacher invites parents to sign up to read a book of their choice to the students. She has a Mystery Reader every Tuesday. The kids know that someone is coming to read to them but who it will be is always a surprise. First graders are GREAT. They were all so enthusiastic and sweet. 
  • Spending time with the Klemash family last weekend! Again, I cannot believe that my first cousin and his sweet family just relocated from California to North Carolina. They are less than a 30-minute drive from us. Here's a highlight from our BBQ. Piper reading a book Jake on the kitchen floor. Precious.

  • Weekends that go like this: Family BBQ Friday night , Saturday afternoon family bike ride to the girls' baseball game, later afternoon family bike ride to Reid's Market for dinner provisions, followed by our first Vermont Vixens  ↓ of the year, and then wrapping up a sunny Sunday with a little trip to IKEA, lunch at Zoës Kitchen, and the best episode of Game of Thrones in a long time. {insert sigh of contentment}

  • Knowing my husband will have an incredible time with some of his best friends this weekend in San Diego as they celebrate their 40th birthdays.  Go Giants!
  • Planning our Oregon Summer Trip. :)
  • The online store, Furbish. I must have been living under a rock to have missed this little gem. They have some really fantastic items in their shop ranging from jewelry to kitchen towels and including original art, rugs, and scarves thrown in the mix. The prices are very reasonable. One of the fabulous items I couldn't live without is little treasure that I scooped up for $12. Seriously.
  • Welcoming our great friend, Dave, over for dinner last night! Dave is in Charlotte attending a conference for work and were delighted he could take some time to head over to the house and hang out with us. 
  • The fact that my eye is healing nicely. Good grief.

(Image 2 via HBO // Image 5 via  Furbish )

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