Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day | Picnic in Freedom Park

What to do with a gorgeous Father's Day in North Carolina? Ride bikes to Freedom Park for a picnic lunch, of course! We just came off a terrific visit with our great friends from Oregon and are rounding out a fabulous weekend celebrating Mr. Jones, the best partner I could ever have hoped to land! Cheers to the other fathers out there who are choosing to parent. To paraphrase a sentiment I recently heard from Louis CK, "Be a dad. Don't be 'mom's assistant;' take it on. Have some of your own ideas about what your kids need. Spend time with them. Go ahead and make mistakes; they'll love you anyway--or maybe even more for it."

AND a few words for my own dad: While I didn't get to spend a lot of time with you growing up, you  loved me so unconditionally and with such affection, that I was preconditioned to choose a man as my husband who would also believe the sun rose and set with me. Your love, kindness, generous heart, quick smile, warm embrace, and clever smartassness have always been what I admire about you most. I look forward to drinking many beers with you in  less than two weeks! 

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