Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Home Transformation | Jonesie Gallery

This is the main part of our house where we gather as a family. It's a bit of an odd space, really... just off the kitchen on the way to the backyard. It's where we enter and exit the house daily, eat all of our meals, do homework, and use the computer. It is also the space I've chosen to celebrate the budding artists that live here. :) There are works represented on these walls that date back to 2007 and some that were created just a few months ago. They are all priceless to me.
G, Willamette Primary School, Kindergarten
P, Amiguitos Immersion School, Kindergarten
P, Amiguitos Immersion School, Age 4
"Heart" (or not?)
G, Amiguitos Immersion School, Age 5 
I couldn't help but give you a shot of this last painting turned upside-down. It's really all I can see whenever I look at the innocent heart that she created. Shame on me.

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