Thursday, September 5, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 09.05.13

  • The 55 extra minutes in my afternoon now that the girls are riding the bus home from school
  • The fact that I don't have to feel guilty about this ↑ because the monkeygirls love riding the bus
  • IdealPlast adhesive bandages - Sweet enough to make that booboo stop hurting! 
  • The hint of Autumn in the air and know that it is bringing jeans, sweaters, tights, jackets, and boots back into my life
  • The Whale by Terry Fan - 
  • Getting to know some of G's "work peeps" further and hosting a relaxing and fun BBQ for them last night
  • The fact that Martha's 2013 edition of the Halloween issue is now available - Never disappointing, the quick flip I've had time for revealed so many creative (and over-the-top) tricks and treats. The "Infested" section (pp. 42-53) is wickedly delightful. I'm swooning over the costumes on pages 66-67!
  • How hearing even a snippet of Fleetwood Mac on the radio immediately puts me in a better mood
  • The new "chores" (though, I'm not calling it that) lists (one for each monkey girl) that I created and more importantly, how they have been impacting our days ~ Download a "blank" version here for your own family.
  • Perrier's new Pink Grapefruit sparkling water in the mini cans--just enough bubbly goodness to refresh the pallet but not fill the belly!
  • How Richard Parker is so sweet to accessorize the dining room from time-to-time 
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