Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 09.19.13

  • The cooler (yet DRY) mornings around here hinting that fall (sweaters, boots, scarves, and coats) are just around the corner. I can't wait to see my favorite season done "East Coast Style."
  • Speaking of fall (soggy or otherwise), I am dying to bust these babies out! 

  • The fact that it is officially soccer season and I get to do something I love every Saturday: watch those monkeygirls play.
  • This Essie polish (No More Film) and my fancy new nail studs. I think it's edgy but no too young. Yes? 
  • The decadent online Kitchen/Food store that is Provisions by Food52. I want to live in this virtual space. I could spend hours (and buckets) on this site.
  • The fact that Uber is available in CHARLOTTE now! AMAZING service. So convenient. No exchange of money. Tip is included in your fare. sUriously good stuff.
  • Surprises in the mail! 
  • The outstanding Cobb salad I joyously discovered yesterday (sorry CLT, the salads y'all serve in this town leave this California girl seriously wanting). I had almost given up ordering salads in restaurants. I feel as though amazing salads are honored and celebrated on the west coast and the sad substitutes I've encountered out here have been nothing to cheer about. If you want a steak (and who doesn't love steak?) you're in the right town... If you want a great salad (at least a Cobb), head over to The Liberty in Southend. D'lish! 
  • Everyone is singing The Fox by Ylvis these days (guilty); however, I much prefer their racier, funnier, and more soulful ballad, Stonehenge. Do (if you're a grownup) give it a go. 

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