Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things I Love Thursday // 1.23.14

  • Hopping a plane (like, right NOW) to sunny California to celebrate one of my absolute favorite people
  • Fancy fingernails ~ Feeling the fingernail playfulness these days… now if I could only touch it up and/or take it off when it starts chipping… 
  • My fantastic birthday gift of Darby Smart (post of our first project coming soon) ~ Seriously, such a fun surprise to receive (monthly!) 
  • Second graders ~ Seriously. G just had a friend over for a play date last week and the girls spent their time "researching" endangered animals. Then they selected one in particular to focus on for their "Non-Fiction, Informative" poster. They took their finished report to school the next day and were allowed to present their "findings" in class. :) 
  • The latest issue of Family Circle magazine ~ I think I must be in my fourth decade now that FC has become one of my favorite publications. I don't even remember subscribing. The terrarium DIY, all the decorating strategies and favorite finds between pages 15-28, the fun nail art idea on page 31 (trying that one this weekend in navy and gold), plus a month of healthy weeknight dinners on page 92! So many great finds.
  • Make-Your-Own-Pizza Play Dates ~ We had the pleasure of hosting one of P's friends this week for an afternoon of fun, scootering, sunshine, and homemade pizzas! 
  • That miracle moment when ALL the laundry is clean, folded, and put away {bliss}
  • The new initial necklace that surprised me in the mail this week ~ You can find yours here
  • Clean makeup brushes ~ I found a new recipe for home cleaning. Equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide with a few squeezes of baby shampoo. Wow. They are so soft, clean, and they smell so great! 
  • My new point-and-shoot camera ~ Taking it on my trip! We've gone without one for so long because iPhones are so great and we have a really nice SLR. This one I found at Costco with a $60 instant rebate. Such a steal!
  • Costco Rotisserie Chicken ~ Sometimes I can't even get the car fully unloaded before I have to dig in! 

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