Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Eve Soirée

In keeping with the tradition established during our fabulous years in Oregon, Greg and I looked to ring in the new year with fun friends, festive beverages, and a burger bar--May you build the burger of your dreams to meet the new year! (I'm certain there's a metaphor in there somewhere.) We managed to purge Christmas from the house in the nick of time and I had lots of fun decorating in silver and gold for the NYE party.
Taking all pointers from my best hostess/party-planning girlfriend, Gretchen, the build-your-own burger bar included the standards (lettuce, tomato, red onion) plus: sautéed mushrooms, carmelized onions, bacon, avocado, both dill and bread 'n butter pickles, Swiss, cheddar, and bleu cheeses, plus any condiment one might desire. On the side? My current favorite: TOTS.
We even had a photo booth!
For kissing...
Being silly...
More kissing...
Showing your serious side...
And of course, DESSERT!
Cheers to the incredible adventure that 2013 served up. I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store.

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