Thursday, January 9, 2014

Things I Love Thursday // 1.9.14

  • Spending a sunny weekend in southern california with three of my favorite people and receiving the best gift I could have in the days leading up to my 40th birthday ~ One girlfriend's husband snuck a sweet card and a photo of the four of us girls into her suitcase. The picture was taken almost exactly 10 years ago. It is stunning proof that the last decade has been more than kind to all of us, compelling me to happily welcome what the next decade has in store… 
  • Plus all the other delights I enjoyed on our trip! 
  • Coming home from a four-day trip across the country to my sweet and goofy family
  • Sharing my birthday with my youngest monkeygirl and celebrating the sweetly fierce, thoughtful, and creative person she is ~ 
  • And surprising her with the one gift she so desperately fell in love with (when she saw it during a Christmas shopping trip) for her special day 
  • The new navy raincoat and insanely plush robe I received from my sweethearts
  • Celebrating my 40th at the spa with a couple girlfriends 
  • Receiving new research and/or instruction manuals from my friends ~ I've had my eye on this one for some time now (Yay!) and this one just popped onto my radar last week and I can't wait to get into it too! 
  • I have to say it: All the cards, texts, gifts, and attention I've absolutely enjoyed basking in over the last 7 days (the sum of which, I consider "my birthday") ~ Feels so good! 
  • Discovering Melissa shoes while in Los Angeles ~ Thank you Jill for urging me into this pair (gonna be SO cute with my new navy coat)! I've still got my eye on these, these, and these… Crazy-comfortable! 
  • Planning P's 7th birthday party (tomorrow!) ~ In sweet form, she's requested the same birthday party her sister had at age 7! Thankfully, I'm a bit of a hoarder and the box of party decorations and supplies was fairly accessible. 
  • Speaking of parties, I loved reusing our NYE party prep and set-up the very next day for the New Years Day play date that the monkeygirls hosted for our neighborhood friends. Especially fun, was the fact that all the parents were available to pop over too (the very ones that had to miss out on the previous nights festivities because of travel and sickness). I was so grateful for the help in polishing off the last bottles of vino we had opened and for helping to finish (almost) the obscene generous amount of CHEESE we had left over. (I might go a little nuts in the cheese section--especially when I have the fabulous excuse of entertaining.)
  • The fact that two of my husband's closest friends (and equally enthusiastic 49er fans) are flying in from California tomorrow to stay the weekend and go to the playoff game with him ~ Funny thing: These fellas happen to be the hubbies of the ladies I just spent last weekend with in California. :)
  • Ohmygosh… getting this close to van Gogh's Irises 
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