Thursday, December 12, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 12.12.19

  • Old Navy Jacket - I love, love, love this camel-colored sherpa jacket from Old Navy. It's super cozy and I feel almost as cute as Fozzie Bear when I'm wearing it! I bought mine on sale for about 40% off and I'm sure they're running any number of sales between now and Christmas; however, they are almost sold out (sorry) but do have MEDIUMS left in stock (which is what I' wearing). 

  • The Holiday Shop at Children's Theatre of Charlotte - I've been volunteering with The Children's Theatre of Charlotte ever since we moved to North Carolina. The event that hooked me that first year is still my favorite. We just wrapped up this year's event which runs annually, the week after Thanksgiving. Thousands of gifts are purchased, wrapped, and organized over many months of volunteer hours, then we open our doors for hundreds of little shoppers between the ages of 2-10. Each shopper comes with a list of loved ones and a budget (about $10-$20). They are paired with a volunteer "Elf" who takes them into the secret shopping room and helps them select special presents for their family and friends. The children are so happy to be able to choose gifts for mommy, daddy, siblings, and pets (among others). Many shoppers come through our line on scholarship (funds raised through CTC's "Sponsor-a-Child" fundraiser in the fall) and are able to leave with a bag full of gifts they would otherwise not be able to afford. I'm telling you --it is a busy and tiring week but also so rewarding and worth every effort to pull it off. This year was the 47th! 

    A few of my very favorite volunteer elves.
  • Knives Out - Oh my goodness! What a great time! Our whole family loved this movie. It's a light, funny, thoughtful mystery that captures your attention and carries it along for a fantastic ride. The characters are outrageous but not over-played, the plot will keep you engaged and surprised, and the warmth of the story comes through in a delightfully surprising way. See it.

    {Photo via Washington Square News}
  • Uncle Bobby! - My little brother is here! Yahoo! It's always a treat to have Uncle Bobby in town. He's smiling 90% of the time. As long as you have eggs in the fridge, he's happy. He never met a sink of dishes he couldn't conquer (without prompting). He loves Richard Parker (maybe even more than we do). His favorite phrase is, "Do you need any help?" He shleps all of the bags all of the time. Also, he's the best company as I drag him all over town getting things checked off my to-do list. 

    ("One Trip Bob" There are SIX bags in his left hand.)
  • Elf in the OPEN - What I mean is, our girls are well-aware at this point that Elvis Peppermint Kate Jones does not actually fly back and forth to the North Pole every night and that his movement around our home is reliant on mom and dad remembering to shift his position at some point between sleeping and waking. But the squirrels (my forever nickname for the girls) continue to appreciate the tradition of him. With our flipped schedules these days (Greg and I are usually in bed before the girls head upstairs), Elvis commonly moves in the morning hours over a cup of coffee. If, for some reason (the only reason: we forgot) he doesn't --it's met with understanding and a whisper, "We're going to look for Elvis soon..." I'm also happy to be done with the idea that a little elf visits my kids every day in December so he can spy on them and then fly back to Santa in order to tattle. Did anyone else struggle with this part? I don't know... we certainly chose to buy the doll and book all those years ago... but then it started to feel like a shitty manipulation. Am I'm overthinking it? And on that note, of those of you who heard, "If you don't believe, you won't receive" --Are you telling your kids this same thing? 

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