Thursday, December 5, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 12.5.19

  • Cousin Love - We had so much fun last week hosting Greg's sister and her family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, we loved having Grandma Lulu here too --but there's definitely something special about having a 2YO squish in the house! He was full of love and adventure, giggles and curiosity. He was generous with his hugs and kisses and always found a cozy lap. We already miss him so much!

  • Holiday Cards - Receiving holiday cards from across the country is a highlight of the year. Having moved several times during our marriage, we have had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful friends from coast to coast. With social media, we do get a peek into one another's lives from time to time --but I love the tradition of snail mail and opening the envelopes to see who's inside. This year feels like a crunch with December rolling in so quickly on the heels of Thanksgiving. I usually try to put something clever together for our annual card but inspiration was late in coming... It was a scramble and I'm happy to say that cards have been ordered (finally). I'm satisfied with the result. We shall wait to see if anyone else is. LOL! Here is my absolute favorite card (from 2016).

  • Twinkling Yard Lights - Another highlight of the season is enjoying all the lights that decorate the yards in every neighborhood. I always think to myself, "Why don't we have these up all year round? They look so beautiful and festive..." But then I remember also thinking, come early February, "Wow! Where did the time go? I supposed we should take the lights down now... and I think the dried up tree might be a fire hazard... perhaps we should make some time to undecorated it and get it out of the living room." (Just kidding. We always have our tree down by late-January.)

  • Advent Calendars - I love an advent calendar and so do my girls. This 12 day version from Trader Joe's looks like it might be a total winner! For $20 you get to try Winter Citrus Hand Cream, Coconut Body Butter, Rose Facial Oil, Brown Sugar Body Scrub, Cranberry Cider Shimmer Body Wash, Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub, Enrich Face Lotion, Charcoal Face Mask, All-for-One Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash, Exfoliating Sugar Cube, Warm Vanilla Body Butter, and Pomegranate Lip Balm. Pick one up if you have a chance and start your party no later than December 14th to get through the treats before Christmas!

  • Sparkly Hair - Call the dentist and make an advance appointment. My husband is so sweet that this next bit might give you a cavity just reading it. I am WAY overdue to touch up the color in my hair and cover my greys. I'm not entirely sure why this has been such a challenge of late --I have a box of dye under my bathroom sink right now (and I'm so practiced at applying it --it literally takes only 15-20 minutes added to my typical routine). The delay has been, in part, to the fact that my bangs are helping to mask the heavier grey areas at the temples and hairline. Anyhoo... I was standing in the kitchen a few days ago with the light blasting in through the window (and clearly onto my crown of wiry grey sprouts) when Greg, standing beside me, declared, "I know you'll cover them over and that's totally fine too --but I just want to say that I really love your sparkly hair." Good grief. The sweetest. I might have caught diabetes from his comment. When I do get around to coloring my hair, I will use this because it's so easy!

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