Thursday, April 2, 2020

Things I Love Thursday // 4.2.20

  • April Jones Day - Today is April Jones Day. I'm sure some of you already knew that. For those of you who didn't: April 2nd is my husband's birthday and many moons ago, his friends dubbed the day "April Jones Day." It stuck. Quarantine birthdays are new to all of us but some traditions are easy to execute. We all wore our felt crowns this morning (as we do for any celebration). The girls are baking him a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting. We will enjoy it with his favorite ice cream, chocolate chip. We usually have tacos for his birthday dinner but with all the at-home dining these days, a takeout order from one of his favorite restaurants felt more celebratory --so that's the plan for later. His gifts are small and (I'd argue) more thoughtful this year. There are a few material surprises wrapped among our homemade cards; however, the big gift from the girls and I are individually made coupon books that we filled with offers --specific to the things he most enjoys and can be accomplished/cashed-in during this time of sheltering-in-place. A surprise for all of us and a highlight today was definitely the giant sign in our front lawn that had been planned and ordered by his team at work. Hilarious and much appreciated!

  • Homemade Ice Cream - Let me tell you... now is the perfect time to bust out that ice cream maker that you registered for all those years ago and put it to good use! Find a recipe that requires eggs and cooking --because you'll enjoy the process and the product so much more. Piper did just that over the weekend and made an outstanding batch of coffee ice cream that went far too quickly around here. We are all looking forward to her next creation!

  • Thoughtful Deliveries - In times of crisis and strife, generosity, love, friendship, and thoughtfulness certainly abound! Over the last week alone, I have had been moved by stories of neighborly/community love and support from cities and towns all across the country --and have been on the receiving end of the most thoughtful and unexpected gestures of friendship and caring. Last week, I wrote about a surprise delivery of fresh cut flowers and this week has brought a gorgeous sourdough starter kit, fresh biscotti & gently used puzzle, and a perfectly-timed supply of disinfectant spray and wipes! I continue to feel as though we've won the love lottery. I'm sure I'm not alone in this... What are some of the ways your friends and neighbors are showing up for one another?

  • Liberate Your Palate - I've written about this amazing, interactive, fun, and educational mixology platform before. If you're in Charlotte (or nearby) you have got to check out Liberate Your Palate! I've had the pleasure of a public class, a private-in-home class (to celebrate a friend's birthday), and now I get to enjoy these hand-crafted syrups (delivered to my door) over the next couple weeks in both cocktails and homemade sodas. While we are unable, at this time, to attend a class in-person with the ever charming and lovely owner/operator, Tamu Curtis, we CAN and should treat ourselves to a virtual class with her via her Instagram platform. This first batch of syrups sold out; however, I have it on good authority that she's planning another offering soon. Follow her feed and don't miss out! 

  • Dinner that I did not have to make - Inspired in part by my girlfriend, Laura, and also due to some extenuating circumstances, I decided this week to hand the dinner reigns over to our teenagers (13 and 14). Laura was definitely braver and more imaginative than I was --in that she let her kids (4 of them!) plan the menu, write the shopping list, and then execute on the meal. In our case, I had a meal planned already (pasta and a salad) but realized that both husband and I were "booked" during the early evening so I gave the girls the recipe, walked them through a few of the instructions, and then abandoned them. Wow! Not only did they love doing it, they also made an excellent meal --one that we will add to the rotation, for sure: Bon App├ętit Pasta with Brown Butter, Whole Lemon, and Parmesan. "Dinner by the Girls" is going to become a regular feature in our family. Do your kids help cook? When did you first start making complete meals?

  • Picnicking - It's a simple idea that feels much bigger than you'd think. Even if it's just in the backyard --I must recommend an outdoor picnic! With a lunch or snack in-tow, grab a blanket and a family member or two and head outside. Bring a book, magazine, dice game, or napping pillow and soak up some vitamin D and relish in a change of scenery. 

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