Thursday, April 16, 2020

Things I Love Thursday // 4.16.20

  • SourJones Facebook Page - I started a Facebook page for the blog a few weeks ago and finally decided it was time to ask my friends on that platform if they would "like and follow" along. Well, you all showed up and I'm feeling overwhelmed and grateful for the support. I also recently added an affiliate relationship with Amazon to my blog and it's going to make me rich! LOL kidding. BUT I do get some coins on my end if you purchase any items through my links. ;)

  • Badminton - We started our Shelter-at-Home adventure with a LOT of driveway tennis until Piper got a severe case of poison ivy (from retrieving the ball from the ivy that runs along the entire length of our narrow concrete slab). Since then, we've all been hard-pressed to attempt any more games near the IvyOfDoom. So we packed away our tennis racquets and busted out the badminton ones. We bought this badminton set last summer and it's held up really well. You can set it up anywhere with ease. Because it packs up so neatly, it's also great to take along to the park, a bbq (when we return to normal), or even on a camping trip. You can order the one we bought or there are other choices like this one and this one. Has your family been entertained by any backyard games? We are considering a Pickleball set next... *affiliate links make me rich!

  • Our Garden - The garden is coming along nicely! Nothing is ready for harvesting yet but everything appears to be happy and healthy (for the most part). We've conceded the strawberries to the critters. Every time we see even the hint of a new berry, it's gone by morning. That's ok. *sigh* As long as they stay away from my tomatoes, I'll grow them as many strawberries as they can eat. Our biggest tomato plant is going like gangbusters and we have dozens of little green globes getting ready to turn into sweet cherry tomatoes. We are also working on zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, pole beans, radish (radishes?), carrots, kale, and a little herb garden: mint, parsley, and basil.

  • Surprise & Thoughtful Deliveries - In this week's edition of "kind friends and neighbor surprises," I bring you this gorgeous and fragrant bouquet of fresh herbs from the Garden of Fran. As I mentioned we have started a little herb garden ourselves, but they're not quite ready for a big harvest yet so it's especially nice when you can count on a neighbor's more mature garden for those fresh herbs that have been a little hard to come by around these parts.

  • Little King Art - I just came across this delightful little Charlotte company on Instagram this week. Amber Bounds is the owner/creator and she offers kits, supplies, and video tutorials through her website. While I haven't made any orders yet, I have my eye on this little love. The pom pom earring kits look super cute and fun too! If you're in Charlotte, looking to support a local small business, and are feeling crafty, do check her out! For those of you elsewhere, are you carving out time for any new hobbies or projects?

  • Amazon Leggings - I've blogged about these leggings in a previous TILT post and now that many of us are spending even more time in our leggings (#truth), I thought it might be a good opportunity to mention them again. There are two pair I absolutely love --and you don't have to leave the house to get them. If the weather is a bit chillier where you are, I can't recommend this BALEAF pair any more enthusiastically. These are fleece-lined (but not too thick), have a nice amount of compression, and are true to size. The second pair that I love are these very popular Colorfulkoala high-waisted ones. They have less compression than the BALEAF pair, but are very soft and comfortable. The high waist is flattering and they are also TTS. Both leggings come in lots of different colors and patterns. Both pair have held up great to multiple washings/dryings.

  • Hair Color In-a-Box - Again, not the first time I've mentioned coloring my hair from a box --but SO timely, no? To be fair: I have dark hair; I don't have a ton of gray to cover; and I also don't have highlights. For those of you who do, this might be a bit trickier. My stylist, years ago in Portland, encouraged me to go ahead and use a box of semi-permanent, color rinse in my hair between visits to pump up the shine and add some richness to my locks. Having this "permission" really liberated me to just go for it and try something. For years, I was able to use Clairol Natural Instincts (lasts for 28 washes) and that was plenty of color. Now, with more stubborn grays, I've switched to Clairol Root Touch-Up which is a permanent color --and only applied at the roots. (The link is to Amazon --but that $13 price-tag is double what you'd pay if you were able to find your color at the grocery store or Target.) Obviously, I'm super happy with the results, as I've been doing this home routine and skipping the salon for years. Cheers to finding a product/solution that works for you. And if any of you Blondes have great advice, please SHARE.
  • Soji - I just started scheduling Soji into my morning routine and I find it to be an excellent addition to my day --especially, given our current situation and the effort I've been making to maintain a healthy schedule/routine. Soji is a Japanese tradition (practiced by many Buddhist monks) wherein one spends 20 minutes each morning in a "ritual" of cleaning and/or tidying that is practiced with "calm, silent intent." In Japanese Buddhism, the self and environment are connected. The idea is that through an intentional and literal "cleaning" of your space, you are working toward cleansing your spirit and expressing respect for your world. For example, some of my soji has been cleaning out a junk drawer, organizing our tea/coffee cabinet, and purging items from the linen closet. There are hundreds of other spaces in our house that will benefit from my new soji practice and along the way, I hope to strengthen my outlook and focus my heart and mind. Here's an interesting second article about it. And if you really want to get into it, here's a link to Shoukei Matsumotos' book: A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind.
  • Deviled Eggs - Still have a few hard boiled eggs left over from the holiday weekend? One of my absolute favorite foods on the planet is a deviled egg. If we're ever out to dinner (again, someday --I hope) and there are deviled eggs on the appetizer menu --we are ordering the eggs. Here's a link to my very favorite recipe to make at home. 
  • Cariuma OCA Sneakers - Ugh. This shopping hiatus has been great for me on so many levels... (FYI: My husband and I started a "challenge" on February 1st to not purchase any clothing or *household items for ourselves for SIX months.) But. These. Sneakers. Come on! 

    *plants and books, not included (because, happiness)

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