Thursday, April 23, 2020

Things I Love Thursday // 4.23.20

  • Noticing the Quiet - It may not be the same for you, depending on where you live, but I can't help but notice and appreciate how much quieter the outside is these days. Instead of cars, delivery trucks, and construction vehicles, I hear tons of birds, children laughing (and squealing), and wind through the trees. In moments when you can isolate and separate the benefits from the (overwhelming) tragedies, life feels a little "Andy Griffith" and I am here for it.

  • Charlotte Is Creative - I came across this "challenge" on Instagram the other day and was inspired to play along. The task is to find a new "creative" (and local) account/business profile on Instagram to follow each day for 30 days. You share your "find" on your Instagram stories in an effort to acknowledge the artist/creator and encourage even more attention to the work they're contributing. Whether you live in Charlotte or not, you could certainly play along in your own version of this activity. It's not a contest and there are no prizes --except for the joy in discovering "new to you" and inspiring content. Maybe it's time to practice some Soji (a LOVE from last week) on your Instagram feed and brighten up your daily scrolling.
  • Leslie Jordan on Instagram - Speaking of Instagram, do you follow Leslie Jordan? He's hilarious. His commentary is sweet, funny, and totally entertaining. I think you might enjoy. Check it out.

  • Garlic Salt - I know I'm not the only one who has been doing way more cooking in quarantine than ever before. Here's little hack to up your flavor game on a simple plate of pasta with butter and lemon zest, a plate of scrambled eggs, a slice of avocado toast, or any kind of roasted vegetable: freshly ground garlic salt from Trader Joe's. The jar has a built-in grinder at the top and the difference between this seasoning and your standard sprinkle jar is pretty incredible. I'm sorry TJ's doesn't have an online shopping option, but if you or someone you know is heading there anytime soon --see if you can add this request to their shopping list. So worth it.

  • White Wine-Braised Chicken - On that "cooking so much more from home" note... I mentioned and blogged about this Half Baked Harvest recipe before. White Wine-Braised Chicken with Orzo is fantastic. So many of the HBH recipes we've tried have been big hits around here --but none so much as this. (Well... maybe the Crispy Salt & Vinegar Smashed Potatoes... but that's technically not a meal.) If you're a fan of Mediterranean flavors and love a "one-pot" meal, definitely put this chicken and orzo dish on your short list. This recipe is found in the Super Simple cookbook ($18). In case you don't own the cookbook yet, I've made a printable copy of the recipe that you can access here for ease of shopping and preparation.

  • Match Jar Craft - Almost 7 years ago, I blogged a tutorial for making little jar holders. I can tell you, all these years later, I still look at and appreciate this little horse jar full of matchsticks nearly every single day (mostly because it currently sits beside the kitchen sink). One of the small joys I've been celebrating in captivity *winces at the overstated dramatics* is burning a candle. If you're like me, then you know that once you find your magically-matched scent, the simple act of lighting a candle can be immediately relaxing and comforting in a small but measurable way. If you find a little time on your hands, maybe this would be a good way to spend an afternoon? Of course, you can fill the jar with anything that fits --so make it a kid or teen craft (candy, gum balls, coins, crayons...), if you please.
    Shiny and New
    Loved and Tarnished
  • Twisting open a fresh mascara - Did you know that you should be replacing your mascara every 2-4 months? Even if there's lots of product left in the tube, the health of your eyeballs should encourage you to use this rule of thumb religiously. Replacing designer mascara can be costly. This Maybelline Total Temptation happens to be my favorite drugstore mascara of the moment and it's affordable and easy to find. You can order or pick one up from Target, get it on Amazon, or find it in the beauty section of your grocery store on your next masked run.

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