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Things I Love Thursday // 1.14.21

Hello again! I apologize for being MIA last week --despite it being our birthday (I share the day with my youngest), I just could not bring myself to write anything optimistic and frivolous last week. The events at the Capitol were horrific and bookended by a visit to the ER and several days in the hospital for my dad. Dad is home and doing well. (He'd want you to know that while enjoying salads is "hard," he does like them better than heart attacks, so...) Thankfully, consequences are coming due for those involved in the insurgence (at every level). In the meantime, I'm forging on. Here are some things that are bringing me joy, comfort, and distraction. May they do the same for you!

Printfresh Pajamas

You guys! These jammies are qual-a-tay. I love them so much. I asked for them for my birthday and the family came through! The cotton is heavy and soft and I love the piping details (regardless of print or style). Of course, the Bagheera Blush is my favorite. Does anyone else have a pair of these?

Printfresh Bagheera
I do have 5 toes.

Our Birthday

I generously gave Piper my birthday fourteen years ago when she decided to show up and help me celebrate my 33rd. Since then, I like to joke that I've not aged --as the day is hers and no longer mine. But if you know me, you know that's totally inaccurate because I just might be the adult in your life who makes the biggest deal about their own birthday. Growing up, my birthday was rarely celebrated and when it was, it was never my own (even then, I shared the occasional party with a cousin who's birthday fell in the same week). Coming so close off the heels of Christmas, presents were typically lumped together and more often than not, my birthday would pass as "just another day." Hold your horses before you start feeling sorry for me. My brother, whose birthday is December 23rd had it way worse and I have certainly spent my adult years making up for the past! I started just as soon as I was old enough to take the reins and begin planning my own celebrations (that can last for weeks). The fact that Piper and I share our birthday makes it even more special. Obviously, most birthdays during a pandemic are not a lot of fun; however, our people made sure that Piper and I enjoyed as much celebration as possible and felt very loved. 

Birthday Crowns made of felt
Our felt crowns were made in 2008 to celebrate Obama's win. We've worn them for every single family birthday since then.

Upside-down Bear Mug

Isn't this the sweetest? I guess the way it's made is pretty cool too, as it keeps your beverage hot while not heating/burning your hands (something about double-walled glass). But mostly, I just love the way it looks with a beverage inside! They also make a cat or a duck version!

Double -glass Bear Mug
He'd be a polar bear if I liked milk.

Thrive Mascara

This Thrive Causemetics "Liquid Extension" Mascara was another amazing birthday gift and I am astounded at how well it works. Here are some absurdly big closeups of my face to prove it! The before and afters are no mascara versus one coat/application. I did find that you can thicken and lengthen with multiple coats (but it does get a little clumpy). When I washed it off (which wasn't difficult) I realized that it's a "fiber" mascara (you know, the kind that comes off in little black mascara-threads. Makes sense. 

Thrive mascara before and after
These are my pores.
Thrive mascara before and after
These are my other pores.

Truffle Hot Sauce

Dude. TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce. I'm addicted to this stuff! My friend, Sarah, has created a monster by gifting me this hot sauce (and adorable spoon). I'm not one to "invest" in my hot sauces (lol) but now I just don't see a way forward without this in my life. I suppose I'll have to make some adjustments to my budget because I use it liberally and often. Have you tired this??

TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce
Yes. That is a wooden spoon celebrating our text group: Foodie Night!

Old Fashioneds

We are still loving our Unpretentious Palate Old Fashioned set. I know it's too late for you to get your hands on one, but if you're in the Charlotte area they are currently offering a new set of eight of the city's "Best Moscow Mules" by leading bartenders across town. The kits are sponsored by Effen Vodka (another new favorite thanks to another sweet friend). You can check the kits out and order here.

Bourbon Old Fashioned
Is that a functioning fireplace I see?? Indeed.

Soft Cotton Masks

I'd seen this style of mask around town and never had an opportunity to ask the wearer how to get my hands on one. Just before Christmas, I found them in a little boutique in town and the prints I saw were perfection: Naked Ladies! They were much more affordable than I assumed. Of course, I bought myself this set of three and put it in my own stocking on Christmas Eve. Best news for you: They are totally available online!

( . )( . ) and behinds

Addie LaRue

I'm so behind on giving you a book review post! I'm sorry. Things have been busy and I've been reading less than normal. But... I've still been reading some. Like so many others, I just raced through what seems to be the hot book of the moment: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. If you're looking for an original, captivating, well-written novel, this one has all of that and more. Have you read it yet? Do you agree?

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
I don't own these plants or this wall. I don't even own this book. My photoshopping skills are getting passable!

Home Projects

We've been busy on the house. I think it's a universal theme, given the pandemic we're all living through. Everyone is HOME all of the time these days and I think it's safe to assume we are all getting more than a little bored of the view. Saving quite a bit from our travel budget in 2020, we've been able to make some updates to our family living spaces --creating more room for us to all hang out together, more comfortably. You'd think we'd be over all of the "together time" --but instead, we are all curling up together in the evenings to watch movies and shows --something we've never spent a lot of time doing. (Hence, we have only just fallen in love with "Baby Yoda" --BTW, he's not actually Yoda.) Anyhoo... refreshed living room, re-imagined study, and a new look for the entryway. I'll show you next week!

Black couch gallery wall
This is a very large cat on an absurdly large couch.

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