Thursday, January 28, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 1.28.21

Working with Michelle Icard

I've gushed blogged about Michelle before. She is a parenting author and speaker who specializes in the tween/teen years. When I first moved to Charlotte, many people (who already knew Michelle) told me how our resemblance to one another was striking. I finally met Michelle at a fundraiser where she was the keynote speaker --no one was exaggerating! She has a great book, Middle School Makeover that I read just as the girls were wrapping up elementary school --SO good! She also puts on Mother-Daughter conferences called Right in the Middle. I attended one with each of my girls as they began sixth grade and the experience was transformative. (If you're in the Charlotte area, she also hosts day camps for boys and girls.) AND she has a new book coming out in February called Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen: The Essential Conversations You Need to Have with Your Kids Before They Reach Highschool. (I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy. It's excellent.) 

sister from another mister collage
Bananas, right?

right in the middle conference 2017

right in the middle conference 2018
Original photo not approved --and I always ask first.
Anyhoo... about six weeks ago, Michelle came to me with a wacky idea: Would I be interested in helping her utilize her Instagram account as a platform for furthering her professional endeavors? (She's already mastered the Facebook space --if you have tweens, and you haven't joined already, her private Facebook group with over 7K members, Less Stressed Middle School Parents, is another great resource.) "Um... wow. Super flattered you would think of me," I said, "but I don't know how to do that. There are lots of people who do. I think you should hire one of them.". She wasn't deterred. We had a few conversations. Then I jumped onboard. Working with Michelle in this way has been such a great time! Not only do we look alike --we think alike as well. Consider pre-ordering Fourteen Talks and follow along on Instagram for tons of practical advice, encouragement, and 80s references.

Tammy working with Michelle
I have a list; therefore, I must be a professional.

AirPods Pros

I just got my first pair of wireless headphones. I didn't think I *needed* any (and arguably, I still don't). However, these are pretty great to have. The best discovery so far is figuring out that I can use the noise-canceling feature while I listen to my book on Audible while I blow-dry my hair! I don't want to be overly dramatic so I will just say this: it's life-changing. Also, how stinking cute is this leather case holder I ordered from Etsy?

leather AirPods Pro personalized case

Progress on the House

Lots happened this week. Yay! The Carlo armchairs came in, the floor has been sanded, matched, and stained, the extra set of legs for the sofa were attached, I'm partially through trimming down the rug pad (it's harder than it looks), and the gallery wall has been updated with the wood frame around the "Piper" print by Erin Hughes, and small brass nails now hold the baskets.

hardwood floor sanding and staining
Seeing so much of this original red oak is very tempting... don't get me started!

small pink room with four green arm chairs

attaching sofa legs with a screwdriver

trimmed pieces of rug pad

gallery wall

thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

My friend Amy clued me in to this delightful product. Part of my nightly routine is to take a 1mg tablet of melatonin. (Yes, they exist in the 1mg dose. Yes, I really think it helps. Yes, my doctor knows this is a habit but he's not concerned and you shouldn't be either.) The melatonin helps me fall asleep but I still wake up a couple times during the night for any of the following reasons: my shoulder is hurting (I have Frozen Shoulder Syndrome), I have to go to the bathroom, we are having storm and the rain is loud against the window, or Greg is shaking the bed to get me to stop snoring. Relatable? Well, I've been using 1 pump of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for the past few nights and the only reason I've woken up during the night is because my sweet husband is shaking the bed. It's heavy on the lavender smell --so if that's a problem, skip this one and just up the melatonin milligrams. 

deep sleep pillow spray bottle

Funky Coconut Palm

Will you just look at this funny guy? My friend Laura of City Stems gifted me this very cool plant for my birthday. He is just right for the funky-fun vibe I'm going for in the new study. He's found his home right by the window, and I hope that I'm able to keep this tropical friend happy until it gets warmer around here! 

coconut palm in a planter

coconut palm in blue rocks
Look at those stones!

Pics of Salads

If you've been reading along, you know that my dad recently experienced a silent heart attack and a failed procedure to place a stent at his blockage. He's home and doing so great! His doctors will reassess his blockage after giving his new medication and lifestyle/habit routine time to work. All throughout the medical scare, he never lost his sense of humor. I'm delighted and impressed by his willingness to adhere to the new recommendation that he eat far less red meat and lots more veggies. He now "chokes down" (his words) a big salad once a day and usually he'll send me a picture of his concoction. I love it. I love knowing he's taking care of himself --though I obviously wish I were there to help out. 

dad in his grilling apron
Here is my dad in "natural habitat" --ready to griddle up some meat in the backyard. Cool apron!

Squeeze the Day Bathmat

Thoughtful surprises are the BEST! I found a box from Urban Outfitters on the porch the other day and had the hardest time remembering what I had ordered... Then I opened the box and found the delightful bathmat I'd had my eye on over the holidays --but thought I had talked myself out of ordering (because, I reasoned, it's not the season for buying myself gifts). What on earth...? Did I accidentally buy it after too much wine? Then I finally noticed the gift receipt inside the box and realized that my friend Gretchen had sent me the bathmat as a surprise! Guess who else is a big fan? I set the mat down to take a quick pic and before I could find my phone, someone made himself comfortable. 

cat on a mat
Squeeze the Day, my friends!

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  1. I can not get over you and Michelle! And just ordered her book. :)
    Glad you liked your little mat, and that RP does as well. xo

    1. Our resemblance is bananas, for sure. Glad you pre-ordered. It’s good stuff! RP and I are loving the mat —Greg too! 😘