Thursday, February 25, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 2.25.21


After much deliberation and so many choices, we finally decided on a rug for the study refresh. We wanted something with a fun but understated vibe. I'm always drawn to color so many of the first considerations were quite LOUD. I'm so pleased with where we landed. This rug is interesting in its asymmetrical design. I like the boldness of the black markings against an ivory background. It has fringe on only one side (cool!). Plus, it's super soft (just ask Richard Parker). I love how it's helping to pull the room together. Already, it feels so much warmer and "finished" (almost) in there. The company was great to work with and the shipping was swift between Morocco and the US --but then there were a few delays due to weather. No complaints, really. No one is coming over now anyhow!

peach colored room with green chairs and a black and white rug
Please note the piles of STUFF still unorganized and NOT put away just outside the archway.

big Ragdoll cat on a black and white rug

close-up of wool rug


YAY! It's finally happening. My mother-in-law (in California) has received both of her shots already --though, the second one knocked the wind out of her sails for about 2 days. Then today I got the best news! My dad has an appointment to get his first shot (Oregon, VA Hospital) next week. I hope your loved ones are having as much luck --or better, in finding available doses. I feel like we're making strides.

pic of two teen girls from 1988
Big hugs to the safari-rockstar on the right who secured dad's appointment!
BTW, this is what I looked like at the end of 8th grade.

Kids Are IN School

Speaking of making strides, my kiddos got to go to school IN PERSON this week. It's the first time they've had classes at school in nearly a year. Our district is working on a 1 week on, 2 weeks off rotation and my girls were placed in the first of three groups (there is a fourth group who has selected to remain full-remote for the rest of the school year). Both report that things feel safe and they certainly have new springs in their steps this week. Had you asked me last week about how school closures were impacting them, I would have reported they were holding up fine and had transitioned well --which is true. BUT seeing their energy and happiness spike this week has really opened my eyes to how much they've been missing out on. Next week, back at home, will likely be a little rough.

teen in a mask holding her phone
Health Screen? Check.
Mask? Check.
Rocking 8th grade WAY smoother than her mom did? Check.

Ginger Cumin Beef Bhuna

The recipe for this South Asian curry dish is from my latest issue of Milk Street Magazine. We've enjoyed several recipes from this issue already and we will definitely repeat this one. It simplified things that it was made in the pressure cooker, though my husband would remind us, "The 'instant' in InstantPot is very misleading." The dish still takes almost 2 hours from start to finish --but aside from the cutting board, there's not much else to clean up along the way. For us, there were plenty of leftovers to make the investment of time worth it --as it provided lots of lunches too. Do watch out for the whole peppercorns when you're eating it (just push those aside) and if you're a little heat-sensitive, reduce the serrano peppers to just one.

Beef Bhuna in a bowl over basmati rice

A Touch of Spring

Yo. The sun came out this week and everyone rejoiced. Seriously. We live across the street from a college quad and it's suddenly full of frisbees, footballs, picnic blankets, and music. The plants are greener and the birds are nearly delirious with song. It won't even last through the weekend but we are soaking it all up with enthusiasm while we can. Look at the happy new growth on one of my City Stems babies:

vibrant green plant with new leaves forming

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Damn. This book. I listened to a copy on Audible and it was outstanding. I'm planning a longer review in my Instagram account soon. If you're not following SourJonesBlog over there, you're missing out (she said so herself)! Have any of you read The Midnight Library yet?

The Midnight Library on a Kindle in the grass

The Crispy Bits of Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Seriously. These are unintentionally created in every batch next time. Whenever I pull out a tray of roasted brussels sprouts, I eat all these little crispy bits before I even transfer the rest to plates. I just stand over the oven and snack. Tell me you all understand the level of delicious I'm talking about here! I need to attempt to make a whole tray of just individual leaves next time. Is this a thing? Do people already do this? 

baking sheet of roasted Brussels sprouts
Could also be those giant salt crystals that help make the whole dish extra tasty!

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