Thursday, February 4, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 2.4.21

February! We made it. Feels great, right? I hope this month finds you healthy, happy, and taking some time to enjoy the little things. Here's a list of some small doses of happiness I've appreciated this week. 

Younger + Co. Chill Sofa

Our couch is enormous. We love it. This is all five of us sitting lounging across one side watching 60 Minutes --which has become a great way to spend some time as a family on Sunday evenings. (Don't worry, we watch plenty of brain cell-sucking content from right here too.) For almost eight years, this space was much more formal in terms of layout and I can count on one hand the number of times we all sat in here together. I am so grateful that we had the means and the time to reimagine this space as a place for all of us to do exactly this: lounge and relax. Shoutout again to Carrie Yorker (Interiors) who listened so well and then pointed us to this sofa and specific configuration.

four people and a cat on the sofa
Good for a group

cat and a girl snuggled under a blanket
Good for a smaller snuggle

Special Delivery

A surprise package landed on my doorstep this week and then it landed (or was placed) on Richard Parker. I purposely invaded his space for this photo. He should start getting used to it. Can you find any clues to help understand why?

cat and a wrapped gift
Big news on the horizon!


Even the freezing, soggy kind. Last weekend marked the first soccer games of the spring season for us in Charlotte. Our tournament games were split between CLT and South Carolina. Can you tell where our opponents were from? (Yes, I'm making a mask reference.) We were wet and frozen and didn't come out with the win but we were grateful for the opportunity to watch the girls get to participate in an activity they love. I know not everyone has even that right now. 

teen girl in braids playing soccer in the rain
You can't see the downpour in this pic but I assure you it was happening.


Charlotte Peeps, have you heard of Dr. Joe? He's a bit of a legend around these parts. I believe his application of "Chinese Torture" (his words, not mine) has been incredibly helpful in treating my Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder Syndrome). For those who won't bother following the link, here's one of my favorite quotes, "The condition often resolves over time without intervention but this may take several years." No thanks. I've tried many things to help improve my mobility (anti inflammatories, cortisone shot, tons of physical therapy, chiropractics, deep tissue massage...). Once I started seeing Dr. Joe, I had a huge leap forward. I'm not better yet but I'm getting there. As I don't have a "control group," it's hard to say for sure if this is what's actually making the difference --but again, I believe that it is so I continue to put myself through the torture every week (for cash payment only--under the table).

foot reflexology session
(BTW, I love these joggers. I have them in black and navy and I live in them.)

Turkey Egg Roll in a Bowl

This is an easy recipe (made easier with a few shortcuts) that our whole family loves! I found the recipe using the Mealime app (free version) but I don't think you need the app to get your hands on the recipe, try this link to access and print. BTW, the Mealime app is worth looking into: my favorite feature is adding shopping ingredients to my Amazon Fresh order. For this recipe, which I hope you'll try, I use pre-shredded carrots, pre-chopped onions, and ginger from the squeeze bottle (of which I've tried several brands --the ONLY one worth your time is Spice World, use generously). Please don't try to sub pre-minced garlic --ever. I've tried it all and nothing compares to the real thing. Geneva hates eggs so I remove a big portion for her before doing the last step. Tips: Use your biggest skillet. The cabbage is considerable before it cooks down. Be sure to remove (with a big spoon) the excess liquid before adding the eggs. Don't skip the green onion garnish but the toasted sesame seeds are totally optional. The spicy mayo is amazing!

Turkey Egg Roll in a Bowl

Paper Source Wall Art Calendar

If you've been following along for any time at all, you already know that this calendar is one of my all-time favorite things. Just look at February! Isn't she sweet? Cozy chair, sweet kitty, and tons of books! What's not to love? I know it's a bit late to shop for a calendar; however, Paper Source has them for 30% off right now and January isn't a total bust with this Wall Art calendar because the back side of each gorgeous page is covered in templates for paper crafts. Using the January page will yield 6 gift tags, 2 large flat cards, and a bookmark! You've still got 11 months left to enjoy. Get you one!

calendar page featuring a cat on a chair surrounded by books

back of a calendar page depicting templates for cutting

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