Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hinton Wedding

Greg and I finally made our debut trip to the Oregon Coast this last weekend.
We had a great time celebrating the wedding of our friends, Chad and Lauren.

We rented this tiny cottage two blocks from the ocean with the Owens' and the Given's. Here are Sarah, Myself, and Nikki on the front porch.
Did I mention the weather was gorgeous?

Chad and Lauren hosted a great bbq (roasted pig and bbq'd oysters) on Friday. I managed to snap a few photos before the Capt'n and Coke really kicked in.

Sarah, Me, Lauren (her last night as a "Snyder"), and Nikki

Wade, Chad and Greg

Here's a wedding chapel self-portrait.
Lauren and Chad were married in the same church (overlooking the ocean) that her parents were married in.

The beautiful Mrs. Hinton

Here are most of the "Aerotek" women (pre-drunken phase).
(back row) Stephanie, Amy C., Me, Sarah, Amy P.
(front row) Emily and Nikki

Ah... So sweet!

Here is "Norma Jean the Dancing Machine." She was the bride's grandmother's best friend. She is an 84 year old PARTY! When she wasn't tearing up the dance floor she was pounding beers and socializing. If I'm half as much fun as Norma Jean is in another 30-40 years I'll be so grateful! 

These two cuties made me miss my monkeys who spent the weekend at home with Auntie Jessica. It was great to get away for a couple nights without them, but we were ready to head home come Sunday morning and the next trip to the coast will be a "family adventure" for sure!
Congratulations to Chad and Lauren! 
Thank you for including us in your special day.

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