Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TCC Member-Guest (Part IV)

We had an unbelievably enjoyable time vacationing with the Bills Family a couple weeks ago. The event that set the whole trip in motion was the Tualatin Country Club Mens' Member-Guest Golf Tournament. Greg invited Rusty to play and we built our vacation around the tournament.
The guys teed off on Thursday morning and had an awful day of golf in hand with an amazing day on the course in the sunshine and booze. I ended up picking up the fellas on Thursday night at 9:30 pm (they had teed off at 7:30 am).
Friday was a late start. They got to sleep in (thank goodness) and they left for the course at 10 am. Staci and I had a couple sitters to the house for the four Monkeygirls and we joined the guys at the Club for a cocktail/buffet dinner/dance.
The first activity on Friday night was the "Horse Race."
Staci and I climbed aboard the guys' cart along with about 20 other couples and headed out to start one of four holes to be played. We had a drink cart following close behind and the fun was just beginning!
The guys didn't play all that well; but the event was a blast!
Here is a shot of just the players surrounding the first green. You should have seen the cart brigade as it went from the tee box, along the fairway, and approach the green. It was something else!
Here's the fellas enjoying a quiet moment (how romantic).
And of course, the ever-popular: Self Portrait of Staci and I!
The evening rounded out with a Hawaiian buffet dinner, open bar and DJ--poolside. The highlight may have been when my friend Jodi's husband took the bet and jumped in the pool in his underwear. Those Country Club folks are so CRAZY!
Saturday the boys teed off early, played their round and came home for naps. The sitters arrived about 5:30 pm and we headed back to the Club for a more formal dinner/dance.
The evening was very warm, but we ventured out to the deck for the view and some "prom pictures" before the sun set.
Rusty and Staci just celebrated their 12 year wedding anniversary!
The dinner was amazing and the sushi spread was the best part!
We met Kelly and Andy a few weeks ago when we had the kids out at the pool. We were sure to hook up with them again for the festivities and they were so much fun...
By the end of the evening everyone's feet were killin' them!
The highlight this night was when the band member fell over the amplifier in her drunken stupor.... Oh wait, that wasn't a band member--that was a member's wife who was so drunk she thought she was in the band and proceeded to hog the microphones and belt out every song they performed the entire evening.
Like I said, those Country Club folks are CRAZY!

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