Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Babies! Babies!

Obviously, if you've been paying attention, you might have noticed how I have not been keeping up very well with my blog. *sigh*
I have been busy... with some other stuff.
In preparation for my "double baby shower California road-trip weekend," I made several crafty little items to gift to the mommies-to-be.
For Leslie, who is having a baby girl these onesies:

Baby Girl Barron is expected in a few weeks and the little peach has no name yet. In my futile attempt to convince her parents to name her "Apple" (this is Leslie's maiden name--sweet), I made this one special:
Of course, she got some stationary too.

Her sweet nursery is in purples, pinks, butterflies, and dragonflies.
The shower was so much fun. The food was homemade; the decorations were complimentary of the nursery theme; the weather was fantastic; and the company was terrific. Here's a picture of Shakay, Leslie and me (representing Jenkins Hall Sacramento State, 1993--y'all!).

Kerri did an amazing job with all of the shower details. Seeing this picture of the three of us together brings back a TON of much less-innocent events!

It was especially fun to celebrate both bellies at the same time!

Mr. Barron made a guest appearance at the shower and it was great to see him too!

Leslie's shower was Saturday. Jenn's shower was Sunday. Of course I had to make some special treats for my new nephew-to-be!
Here's the stationary I made:

That little Monkeyboy is gonna be soo sweet!

Jenn's theme was safari-inspired. What is the difference between "safari" and "jungle" by the way?
These are a "rip off" of an idea I came across online... I think mine turned out much cuter. (They're "Helpful Hint" cards that shower guests fill out for the Momma and Dad to-be.)

Here are the bookplates I made.

And the onesies...
My mom did a great job with the decor.

The three of us got to visit for another whole day!

These shower favors turned out so sweet!

And the pre-made food (Come on folks! I drove 12 hours each way to get there!) was mostly delicious. However, I do NOT recommend the "Loaded Potato Salad" from Costco--*ugh*!

Here is my gorgeous, glowing cousin!

Jenn and Leslie, thank you for letting me be a part of your baby celebrations! You are both going to be amazing mothers!

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