Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

  • Looking forward to celebrating my cousin Jenn's first baby shower next weekend! A baby boy is on the way!
  • Big girls on their way to a day of summer camp:
  • This song from Green Day (CLICK HERE). The site may take a minute to fully download... be patient! It's worth the wait!
  • Four lovely ladies in the tub. Believe me, after 20 shots and lots of shouting for them to look at the camera--this is the best one! I think it might be near impossible to get four little monkeys to look up at the same time.
  • These amazing boots I drooled over in the new Anthropologie catalog. Yummy!
  • Having a girl's night out with some friends last night. The view from Departure (The Nines Hotel rooftop bar) wasn't too shabby either!
  • Sharing:
  • Catching up with my friend Judy this morning online. Good friends are priceless!
  • This blog post I read today... too funny!
  • Cupcakes. And I'm not the only one who loves cupcakes:
  • A book I just finished called, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Seriously great!!!
  • The new thing Geneva is doing (mostly at bedtime and naptime) where she goes through the motions of pretending to unlock, unzip, and "open" her heart before she hugs me. Because that way her love (which typically is a different color every time, she's explained) can "flow into my heart" better. Too sweet! By the way, tonight I was informed that her love was purple sparkles. That's cool.
  • The following video which I think illustrates so well patience, cooperation, style, beauty and especially grace. Enjoy!

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