Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bathroom Brightening!

We have lived here for four years. The builders chose a beautiful, dark, khaki brown for the paint accents. As a neutral, it really is nice; however, it is in every room. We've happily lived with it for the past four years. Finally, I've been pinspired {wink} to update/change some things. I started with the girls' room (blog post coming) and their bathroom/guest bathroom.
(The shower curtain actually has some green and
pink stripes which are cute--but very subtle.) 
The inspiration for the bathroom makeover started with the shower curtain that I found at Fred Myers while shopping for my St. Patrick's Day corned beef and cabbage ingredients. Yes, you heard that right, corned beef and shower curtains. (If you have not experienced Fred Myers, you are missing out. It's got a little bit of everything.)
I really wish I were a better photographer--
it's really so cheerful and lovely! 
The walls are a lovely greige (gray and beige) color and the change brightened this small, windowless space up SO MUCH. (Mission accomplished!) 

As a bonus, I got to express a few of my latest "pinsiration" ideas in the form of some very simple projects for this little makeover. I saw this idea online:
{Courtesy of TWRpainted on Etsy}
Then I scoured the house and collected a handful of unused picture frames I thought would update well with a couple cans of spray paint.
Rainy Oregon Days = Garage Paining Studio
Quite early in the hunt, I found a great "designer" color in the right yellow. However, the darker greige color was a bit of a challenge. Everything was too brown, too gray, too green, too wrong. After searching rows and rows of spray paint (Lowes, Home Depot, Fred Myers) I finally realized that the exact color I needed had been staring at me all along. I'd been subconsciously blinded to it:
Camo, Baby!

Finished Grouping
The next crafty project I got to embrace was pinspired by this:
So I grabbed the seagrass bathroom accessories we were already using in the space and took up my paint brush:

And in the new bathroom:
{Insert "oohs and ahhs"}

Added some of the extra yellow spray paint to this votive holder.
 And that about sums it up!
We went from brown, dark, bland...
... to fresh, bright, bold, simple:

{bonus shot of two Jones cuties}
I had a great time making-over this bathroom. I'm totally inspired to tackle the next project.
I'm nearly done with the girls' room and I've been busy with my "40 Bags in 40 Days" challenge so the spaces available for mini-makeovers is growing! Look for more updates to come!  

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  1. Re: the spray girlfriend was recently gifted a 'paintsprayer' ( I don't know the real term of it) that has the ability to take normal wall paint and ya put it in the bottle and attach a gun to it and then spray your project. She loves it because you can buy the little sample cans of paint, plus you can mix and match and pretty much get any color you want instead of the spray paint colors which can kinda get old after a few projects.
    So anyway, thats what I'm hoping to buy and repaint some old mirror frames I swiped from my mom.
    Im loving all your projects!!

  2. OMGoodness! That sounds fantastic! The selection of spray paint colors leaves a lot to be desired. Let me know how your frame project turns out!