Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Rainy Day Pinspiration Projects

Here's a little project I saw online and "pinned" to my board, "Kid Projects" some time ago.
Better Homes and Gardens
So, after poking around through our craft supplies, I found just what we needed:
felt, thread, needles (big ones), and scissors
The girls and I decided to add little heart-shaped patches
to jazz 'em up a bit.
With a little help from Mom to get started,
they were both off and running.
The "messy" stitching actually adds a ton of
 character and charm to the little pouches.
I used some fabric adhesive to keep the hearts in place
while the girls sewed around the outsides.
We used coordinating thread on the outside to draw more
attention to the individual stitches.
And I happened to have a few buttons at the bottom of our junk drawer.
 Geneva was quick to finish her project and Piper has been working on hers off and on. Geneva isn't sure what she's going to do with hers yet but she has a ton of ideas.


The next project we did was inspired by this pin which I have filed on my "Giving" board which is loaded with amazing ideas for wrapping gifts and making presents:
Better Homes and Gardens
All we needed was some markers, water-color paints, and a large piece of butcher paper.

Geneva was eager to get right to work.
Vibrant colors + an eclectic design = perfect!
I had some raffia in the palette she used so we just tied a simple bow.
Both projects were simple and easy for the girls to manage with very little help (interference) from me or Greg. They had a great time with each one and I'm sure we will repeating versions of these in the future. I hope you will too!

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