Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gusano (That's "worm" in Spanish)

Piper, this morning:
"I learned something in school yesterday. Did you know that if you put a worm in your pocket at recess and bring it into the classroom and you lie about it, you will get a consequence. But if you get a worm at recess and bring it into the classroom in your pocket--but don't lie about it, you will not get a consequence? Did you know that? It's true. Because yesterday, after recess, Avery had a worm in her pocket and she lied about it and had a timeout. But Autumn also had a worm in her pocket that she did NOT lie about--and she did not have a timeout--she just had to put the worm back outside, which maybe is a consequence, but not so bad."

I'm pretty sure the biggest consequence here might be the result of reaching into your pocket for a worm and squishing it under your fingernails--or simply having a worm in your pocket at all. However, I'm not five--so maybe I'm just missing the point?

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