Saturday, March 10, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Pinspiration

My girls are part Irish and I try to make a big deal about the holiday every year because growing up, I always wished that I was Irish (especially on St. Patty's Day). Luckily, my very best childhood friend, Natasha, was (and still is!) Irish (she's also half Hungarian and there are a lot of fantastic stories I could tell you about growing up with her fabulously crazy Hungarian father--but I digress...). 

Because I was taken under the wing of Tasha's whacky and wonderful family, I can tell you that you've not experienced St. Patrick's Day if you haven't enjoyed homemade corned beef, cabbage, and boiled red potatoes (all dripping with butter and showered with salt and cracked pepper). I make this meal every St. Patrick's Day (and then wonder why we don't eat it more often--until I wake up March 18th with swollen fingers and a parched palate). I always serve dinner with Guinness Stout for Greg and I and Green Milk for the girls. It's super fun.
This photo is from our family archives--can't wait to make this again soon!
In addition to the traditional meal and dressing my children in green from head to toe, I saw something on Pinterest recently that I wanted to incorporate into our holiday fun (You know, so it wouldn't just be about drinking, kissing, and gluttony--Admittedly, my favorite characteristics.)

(Idea and Pin from Lisa Storms' Blog)
So we set to work. It looks like Miss Storms has a shamrock paper punch. We do not. Instead I downloaded a simple shamrock silhouette from Google Images and traced it only a little car stock to make a stencil. The girls and I got busy tracing the edges and cutting out our shamrocks.

I found a small green bucket in the Dollar Bins {love} at Target and bought a cube of floral foam at the craft store. I had some wooden skewers and toothpick swimming around the bottom of a kitchen drawer. 
Next, we needed some rainbows to decorate the bucket.

Here's what we came up with. We add a thought each day and hope to have is overflowing by the time St. Patrick's Day arrives.


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