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Holiday Fun List | 25 Ideas to Celebrate the Season

I came across the idea of a Christmas Holiday Bucket List on Pinterest recently. Unfortunately, the picture/pin wasn't linked to a website or blog {sigh} and I thought that the idea of tying the list specifically to Christmas was a little limiting. I decided to come up with my own list for our family this year. There are 25 items on this list. I tried to keep cost in mind because it really is the thought that counts. 
As it is already the season of giving, we are displaying the list now (on the fridge ). This gives us some "wiggle room" to select items at random and have some days slide by with no special activity. However, if you're an "Advent" kind of family, this would be perfect to pull out on December 1st -- That way, you'd finish the list on Christmas day (and hopefully, you'd have saved something like "Watch a Holiday Movie" or "Have a Family Dance Party" for Christmas Day. {wink}
My hope is that you find something here you can celebrate and enjoy with your family no matter your beliefs. In addition, regardless of your age or whether or not you have children, I think there's quite a bit here for you to embrace. 
Cheers to the season!
~ Have breakfast for dinner. ~ Whatever you're having, consider sprinkling powdered sugar on top
~ Bake and decorate sugar cookies. ~ Here's a recipe from (Just add icing + sprinkles.)
~ Have Family Game Night. ~ Some of our faves include: HedBanz, Life, and Tenzi.
~ Watch a holiday movie (don't forget the popcorn). ~ Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, The Polar Express
~ Send post cards to all of your cousins.
~ Make a card for your teacher. ~ Here's an easy and creative idea from They suggest origami or scrapbook paper--but scraps of wrapping paper would be very cute too!
~ Have a sibling slumber party in a homemade fort.
~ Go on a drive (or walk) to see the houses in your neighborhood all lit up with lights.
~ Take some treats to neighbors and friends. ~ Here's a sweet way to wrap them up for giving. 
{images via}
~ Volunteer at a soup kitchen (hospital, nursing home, animal shelter).
~ Call relatives and sing holiday songs (or hit the pavement and go caroling). ~ Here are some Christmas Carol Music printables from Two Crazy Crafters.
~ Make tissue-paper snowflakes (and then hang them in the windows). ~ Melissa from the Chocolate Muffin Tree blog has a great tutorial. 
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~ Have a family dance party (in your pajamas?) to your favorite holiday jingles. ~ Gabrielle of the Design Muse blog offers this list to get you started.
~ Make and send a card to a soldier overseas. ~ Address your card(s) as follows:
     Holiday Mail for Heroes
     P.O. Box 5456
     Capitol Heights, MD
~ Make an ornament or craft as a family keepsake. ~ I think we'll try these clay and stamp ornaments from the Pine Feather blog this year. 
String popcorn and cranberries for the mantle (or tree). I really used to do this and it's so beautiful!
~ Buy a toy for a child in need. The link is to the Toys for Tots program, but there are so many others. I'm sure with a little effort, you can find an organization in your hometown to donate to.
~ Write a letter to Grandma and/or Grandpa!
~ Make reindeer cookies. ~ Like these from Our Best Bites. Nutter Butters are the bomb, yo!
~ Have dinner by candlelight on the longest night of the year (December 21st). What a kick this is going to be! I can't wait. The squirrels will be so delighted.
~ Make a present for a sibling or family member. ~ Parent's Magazine online has an amazing list of 9 absolutely impressive Gifts Kids Can Make. A tutorial for cute coasters can be found at Family Your Way. If you have a sewer in your crew, B-Inspired Mama has found 16 easy-to-sew gift ideas. If none of these leads tickle your fancy, check out the roundup of 36 kid crafts over at True Blue Me & You.
~ Host a holiday brunch or play-date. ~ If you have a brunch, can you please do a Mimosa Bar? And if you do, can you pretty please, invite me?
{image via}
~ Build a gingerbread house. ~ Michael's has kits like this one for less than $10.
~ Go ice-skating (or sledding).
~ Make page-markers for your friends at school. ~ Here's an easy tutorial I did awhile ago.
So that's it. What else would you add? Please leave a comment on the blog so I can add your idea next year!
Below is my list in its entirety. 
And then hang it up for everyone to see!
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