Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 11.14.13

  • Sour Jones' MAKEOVER ~ I worked closely with Lynsey Betz of ShinyMagic on Etsy to create the new look. She was so patient, helpful, and full of ideas. Not only was it painless, it was hugely enjoyable.
  • Geneva's successful first NC sleepover ~ She had a great time, slept well (!), and then got to enjoy a beautiful day at the Renaissance Festival where she saw fairies, falconry, jousting and juggling. 
  • The Curry Laksa at Cuisine Malaya ~ This is the kind of crave-worthy dish that causes you order takeout on a random Tuesday at 4pm, because you can't imagine surviving another hour without a bite!
  • The delightful play date we hosted with Piper's good friend on the day Geneva was at the Festival ~ It was nice for P to have some dedicated time to be the sole focus. The girls decided on some games at home, exploring the yard, lunch at Pikes, and then Fall crafts. Fun, fun, fun! 
  • My Staedtler Mars plastic eraser ~ So gummy and effective! Sometimes it's the little things, people.
  • The amazing meal (including DESSERT) we had at our fabulous neighbors' house this last weekend that was generated through the expert application of Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home cookbook 
    {image via}
  • The fabulous and spontaneous dance party that followed our stellar meal (above)
  • My new black suede wedges from Target ~ Loving these with skinny jeans and just about anything/everything paired on-top. They are comfortable and the rounded toe is just right. And seriously, for that price, we should get a pair in every color!
  • The way Richard Parker gets his "chill" on 
  • P's new black moto-boots from Target ~ They even look better in-person than in the photo on the website. They are solidly made and the textured construction on the upper is subtle and edgy in an age-appropriate way.
  • My new Squirrel pillow ~ It's been our longstanding joke that I call the girls "squirrels" and then correct myself as though I've just mispronounced "girls." Even after all this time, it still brings a smile to their faces. When I found this pillow, I knew we needed it. 

  • The hysterically inappropriate and wholly innocent things that P's first grade peers tell me when I volunteer in her reading class ~ Let this be a warning to all of you parents out there--your home is not Vegas--and your secrets are brimming up and bubbling over the lips of your little people. I chuckle to think what my squirrels have shared with their teachers, babysitters, peers, and the parents of their friends. Good grief.
  • The adorably ridiculous, bobble-headed trophies that the girls received at the end of the season ~ In general, I'm opposed to trophies; However, if you're going to give trophies, these at least have the redeeming quality of making me giggle. 

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