Thursday, November 21, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 11.21.13

  • Watching G perform in her Music Program tonight and then giggle, skip, and tackle-hug her friends afterward
  • Booking my first "get on an airplane girls' trip" since 2003 
  • Finding photos like this one while digging through the archives 
  • The yard that keeps my monkeys entertained for hours every day
  • All the stationery love! ~ Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the peeps who clicked on over to the Etsy store and got a little holiday shopping done early! Here's a small sample of what's been happily keeping me busy this week. 
  • Cricket magazine for children ~ Focusing on fiction, classic literature and nonfiction stories on culture, history, science, and the arts, this is a sweet magazine packed full of interesting material for G to consume. In fact, Cricket produces edutaining periodicals for a variety of age groups. This might be the perfect thing to suggest when Grandma wants to know what to get your kids for the holidays. 
  • The asparagus and seared scallop risotto special from Mezzanotte that I inhaled last night {still full}
  • Shaming cats ~ But not this guy; Richard Parker is too sweet to cause much trouble. 
  • When sometimes you meet people who blow you away with how generous they are of their time and willingness to extol their knowledge in a area where you're seeking help and information 
  • Fresh basil leaves (instead of or in addition to lettuce) on turkey burgers ~ Can't believe I've been eating turkey burgers all these years without the basil. Honestly, if it weren't for Miss B out in Oregon, I'd still be chewing on far less satisfying burgers. 
  • Mica Hendricks and her 4YO daughter's art collaboration ~ You can follow her blog or shop their prints. Slugs Need Hugs is at the top of my Christmas list. 

  • The parenting poem, Today I Lived and You Did Too by Rachel of Hands Free Mama ~ I'm also a fan of her other essays like this one and this one. Good reminders to savor the days (even when it's hard) and be present with our littles (because they're not going to stay small). 
  • How Adam Levine actually (and consistently) makes a point when he gives feedback to the contestants on The Voice. And also… that he made the cover of People's Sexiest Man Alive issue. {swoon} 
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