Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gettin' Crafty!

Our babysitter-extraordinaire, Katie turned 13 yesterday! (Yes, my babysitter is only 13)
We (meaning I) made her a stationary set as a gift to accompany the beautiful artwork the girls made.

I printed the chocolate polka-dotted boarder and  her name using Microsoft Word, then cut it out and attached a punched and scalloped square in pink cardstock. I ran the ribbon around the card and attached it to the backside with glue. If the ribbon looks familiar, it's because I just used it in another project recently posted here.
Centered on the square cutout is a white circle, a brown flower, a smaller pink circle, and a white silk flower (I found in the clearance section of silk sprigs at Michael's). I fastened those layers together with a pink brad and attached them to the ribbon with a few dots of glue.

When the card face was finished, I attached it to a folded piece of white cardstock that is the actual "card." I wish I had enough sheets of a coordinating color cardstock to use as the background/main card... but I did not.

To finish the gift, I stamped a small pink flower and her initials in chocolate at the lip of the envelope.

My laundry pile is even bigger now, but I had a great time doing this instead!

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  1. very cute Tammy! I LOVE making cards

  2. and our babysitter was probably 11 when she first started coming over!! Her experience with 4 younger and really rambunctious brothers actually over-qualified her for the job.