Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

  • Drinking my daily coffee from the mug the girls made for me for Mother's Day.
  • Coming into fall and the prospect of sweater/slipper weather.
  • Appreciating my husband and our first 6 years of marriage. Looking forward to celebrating the anniversary of our partnership this weekend.
  • Prednisolone. The magic medicine that quiets a Croupy cough.
  • Crayola Color Wonder markers and the absence of mess they leave behind on my furniture and children's clothing/bodies.
  • The idea I read in Cookie Magazine to start an g-mail account for each of the girls. This will be an easy place to record memories, funny things they say or do, and little messages about what they mean to me. I will share their email addresses with family members so that they can do the same.
  • This recipe for roasted lamb chops that I made on Monday night. Delicious! I used the frenched rack from Costco and served them with parmesan mashed potatoes.
  • CNN reporter Campbell Brown's rant "Free Sarah Palin."

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