Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodbye's and Family in California

We were back in California this week for my grandmother's funeral. The services were really nice. My brother Toby's speech at the church was amazing. I was happy to have found the shirts my grandmother wore the first time she held my babies. I will have them made into Memory Bears for my girls. 

We spent a lot of time visiting with the family in town we rarely get to see. My great-uncles John and Mo were tickled by the girls and the feeling was definitely mutual. It was a pleasure to see my grandpa looking so good. On our last visit he was dragging an oxygen tank behind him everywhere and his coloring was not good. This time, he put on a brave face for everyone and truly seemed like he was doing well. The oxygen tank is gone and he sported his very first pair of tennis shoes! The man's been cruising around in work boots his whole life--no wonder he had a little spring in his step.

Uncle Toby and Aunt Terry were out from Florida. The Purse Boys had to stay behind. Whenever Toby is around the girls have a fabulous time. It was a good thing they were there too because Avery managed to keep our thoughts off of our grief by coming down with a wicked case of Croup. 

Toby and Terry came to our hotel room, confirmed that she needed to be seen immediately, and then stayed with Geneva (who slept through the entire ordeal) while we rushed to the hospital at 1am with our barking baby. After a few interventions: steroid shots (2), breathing treatment, Tylenol suppository, etc. Avery was able to breath again.

Did I mention? Avery was not a happy camper. She was definitely not a fan of any of the procedures done to her... however, she was a fan of breathing... so she stuck it out (like she had a choice).

On another note: Geneva became a HUGE fan of Stan's Donuts... just like the rest of her family! Why does Uncle Toby insist on bringing three dozen into the house? Doesn't he know I have no willpower? 

This just in: Confirmation that I eat my feelings.

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  1. wow, that trip was way more than you bargained for, huh?
    don't fault Tob for the Stan's thing, he's only human.
    I do the same thing when I am in town, because I feel the need to buy a few of each kind, three grease spotted brown boxes later....
    glad you were able to spend some time with the loved ones.

  2. Aweee, she looks so sad! that breaks your heart when the kiddos aren't well. Give em a hug from Walla Walla.