Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

  • All of the wonderful messages and heartfelt thoughts sent my way from friends and extended family remembering my beautiful Grandmother. I also am learning to love the journey toward feeling joy in celebrating her life more than feeling the sadness of losing her.
  • This pear sculpture we found at the West Linn Art Festival on Saturday. It was made by Marta Farris as a piece from her "Garden Art" but we love it in the dining room:
  • The way Avery sways her head and sings to herself when she's riding in the car or playing by herself.
  • Keeping myself busy in accomplishing tasks that have been on my "to-do" list for months. Here is some of what I've done in Avery's room (mainly staining, assembling, and hanging the shelves).
  • Tempered with some "bitter" is the "sweet" I find in Geneva's transformation from a little girl to a big girl. 
  • My neighbors. We had our first progressive dinner party on Saturday (if you're wondering what that is click here). There are six families in our "culdesac" and five were able to participate. We had a Mexican theme and everyone went all-out. The food was amazing, the decorations were great, and the conversation was as entertaining as it was enlightening. I love it here even more now. If we could only talk Dan and Judy (the best neighbors ever, from Elk Grove) into buying this house on our street we'd be set!
(Shelly Wells, Me, Michelle Cervenak enjoying appetizers, sangria, and margaritas at Amy and Craig Dubin's house.)

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